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Eating Out

Every once in a while (or every day), you just wanna eat at a restaurant.  You just wanna be lazy.  Whether it’s a steakhouse or a fast food joint, it doesn’t matter.  You just don’t wanna deal with the cooking and cleaning process.  So you venture out to spend your money paying someone to cook and clean for you.  Yep that’s pretty much what it comes down to.  You go out to be served.  It’s our little way of being the King/Queen for a few hours (just don’t over do it on the time, there are people with that 45 minute wait time that really wanna eat.  I do eat out often, and some (my boy Waldo in particular) would say I am a complicated patron to restaurants (he times me when I’m ordering my food).  I always treat the waitstaff with respect and am nice to them. So although difficult, I am not a douche. So tell me this, is it really hard that when I ask for Sesame chicken with no vegetables and just plain white rice for me to receive the dish with no vegetables? Yeah, yeah, I could pick out the vegetables.  But why? I am going out.  I am paying someone to take my order properly.  I am paying someone to make my order properly.  I went out so I wouldn’t have to do any work.  Why should I have to pick out the vegetables? I sound high maintenance right now.  That’s fine by me, but when you order a steak cooked medium and it comes back well done, how mad do you get? So what exactly is this blog about? Today, it’s about everybody keeping it real when you go out to eat.  If you order something and they mess it up, call them out on it, don’t get quiet.  For every time a waiter/cook messes up and no one says anything, we are just encouraging laziness.  Would you like it if your pharmacist gave you the wrong pills? A bit of an extreme example, I know.  The fall of our society lies in the laziness and lack of pride we have in what we do.  I get it high school or college kid working at Outback.  I know you don’t want to do this for life.  I know that you just want the money so you can do shit with your friends.  But dammit, do your job right.  If you can’t do this shit right, what makes you think you can be a lawyer or a doctor.  Any job is what sets us up for the next job.  Be better than average at whatever you do.  If you don’t like your job as a waiter, then quit, no one is making you do it.  If it’s the only job you can get, then freaking do your job right so you don’t get fired.  Seriously the country is going to shit, and while there are other major reasons for why it happens, every little thing contributes.  To build a skyscraper the foundation has to be solid.  If we are breeding idiots at the early employment level, it’s no wonder we have situations like Enron.  So kid, write down what your guest wants, and cook/chef, prepare the plate the way they want it, and bartender, they said no lemon (you asshole).  Make yourself not have to work double (when the customer sends their shit back to you) and do it right the first time.  You’ll get a better tip I promise you.  Work smarter, not harder. And dammit, I said no pickles or onions on this burger, fix it (I swear if you spit on my food I will hunt you down)!

“Pretty sure I said no vegetables. Oh you thought that meant less meat and more vegetables? I guess that means I thought you meant you didn’t want a tip. Just so we’re on the same page you know.”

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