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How’d I lose 3 months?

Growing up, there were 2 things we always looked forward to; Summer and Winter break.  For me Summer signified an awesome 3 month vacation from school and just the ability to do nothing and get away with it.  Winter vacation was the same but on a smaller scale, 2 weeks of nothingness.  Spring signified ‘Spring Break’ of one week, but if your teachers didn’t like you (trust me, there were plenty of teachers who didn’t like me), they’d give you a project over that break to occupy your time. Then there was Fall, stupid Fall.  Fall meant we no longer were on break and had to go back to stupid school, ugh how I hated you Fall. For 26 years, the hierarchy was Summer, Winter, Spring, then Fall.  That was the seasonal calendar and how I felt about it.  But not now……..

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When did my world change? When did I get ‘old’?  It wasn’t at my birthday.  I can trace this back to graduation from the last institution (not a mental institution, I promise) I attended.  It’s that feeling that everything flipped upside down and reversed on me.  How? Why? When? What? Where? Who?? (Nah ‘who’ doesn’t really fit here).  As an ‘adult’ I now view the world a little (hmm maybe that’s an under exaggeration) bit differently.  Now Summer is the most painful of seasons, it’s too hot, it’s long, and it reminds me that I will never have 3 months vacation again.  Winter is cold and bitter, the days off are few and far between.  Spring brings hope that the weather is beautiful, and you can start doing things outdoors again.  Then there is Fall, beautiful, beautiful Fall.  Oh how I love thee Fall.  Fall signifies the beginning of football season, the start of the most chill weather days, and grilling out with the friends making fun of each other and just enjoying life.  The hierarchy has shifted to now become Fall, Spring, Winter, and then Summer.

How is this shift explained? Five years ago, it was the complete opposite, now “my life got flipped turned upside down” (And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there….).  Is Global Warming to blame? Maybe. Am I the only one who feels this way? Or is this a widespread panic thing? I really don’t know who to blame, but I do not it’s not my fault.  The one take home from this though is why the hell do we get such long breaks as kids, but then as adults we get shafted? Who came up with this stupid system? It was probably you! I hate you. Ughh, you’re so annoying.

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