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Man vs. Hiccups

So last night something strange (I don’t think I’ve used the word strange in at least 2 years, strange huh? See what I did there?) happened to me.  So I’m watching Sportscenter when all of a sudden I start hiccuping.  Naturally, the first thing I do is hold my breath so that it will go away.  Didn’t work.  So I remember that I was told that since hiccups are an involuntary action, if I try to force myself to hiccup they will go away.  So I try this, but for some reason, this shit didn’t work either. I wish that the friends I was hanging out with just an hour earlier were still around so they could scare me, but alas, they were gone too.  Plus can you really get scared if you know that someone is trying to scare you?  At this point I’ve been hiccuping for the last 10 minutes, and not gonna lie, I’m kinda freaking out.  I go back to this news report I saw once of this guy who had hiccups for a few years, and the freak out continues.  I start wondering how I’m gonna communicate with people if I’m hiccuping, or how am I going to sing (because I’m a superstar and all…just sayin’) and all these crazy things are running through my head. 30 minutes pass, I’m still hiccuping.  Enter the Google.  “How to get rid of hiccups.”  I was led to various sites and remedies, pulling on your tongue (this shit doesn’t work and just hurts your tongue), eating a spoon full of sugar (def wasn’t gonna try that at 11pm), gargling water (made me spit out water as I was hiccuping).  None of that crap worked.  45 minutes passed, and I’m still hiccuping.  I was resigned to the fact that my life would be that of the hiccuping man.  Despite being completely freaked out, I just said well I tried, and started watching TV again.  Next thing I know, they were gone.  The hiccups had left me, thank God! So I went to sleep, and that was that.  Woke up this morning and they were back!! But luckily it only lasted a few minutes.  I think it was the hiccups reminding me that they have the power, and I can not refute this claim.  When the hiccups attack, you have no real defense other than to pray that they are just visiting for a short time.  In the end, the internet didn’t help, and that sucked, but good news is I won’t be that guy that has to hiccup the rest of his life.  Do any of you care about my hiccups? Nope.  Do I care that you don’t care? Hell Nope.  But if ya got any hiccup advice let me know, because I don’t know when my next showdown with hiccups will be, but I would love to battle with some weapons ya feels me.

Hiccups – 1
Me – 0


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The shows of the next century lead off the next part of our IDSIAT bracket.  It became less hard to pick shows, as the quality of shows diminished considerably.  Rather than facing a challenge of picking 16 of 30 shows, it became just a challenge to find 16 shows that were quality.  It’s a top heavy bracket, and I’m sure many of you DVR’d the hell out of these shows.  The 2000’s started a trend where the best shows were no longer on network TV.  The ‘Cable Age’ is upon us.

2000’s here ya go:

Top Seed, can they take on the cable television age to advance to the Championship? "WAALLLLLLLLTTTTTT"

1. LOST vs. 16. 30 Rock

Drama vs. Comedy, smoke monster vs. Alec Baldwin

8. Sex and the City vs. Two and a Half Men

Stupid show about girls vs funny show about guys

4. The Sopranos vs. 13. Scrubs

Gangsters who killed people vs. Doctors who saved people in a funny fashion

5. 24 vs. 12. Heroes

Jack Bauer vs. X-men Jr. (Heroes had so much potential)

A formidable starting 5, leading the charge against network television

2. Entourage vs. 15. Nip/Tuck

The 2 shows based on vanity and craziness.  Vinny Chase and the boys have a considerable advantage

7. Curb Your Enthusiasm vs. 10. Grey’s Anatomy

This should be an interesting matchup of 2 totally different shows

3. The Office vs. 14. Dexter

That’s what she said…

6. Arrested Development vs. 11 Desperate Housewives

Completely different dysfunctional shows


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Tourney Time, 80’s style

In the spirit of the this great month of March Madness (yes I can’t say March without saying Madness after it, oh so your birthday is March Madness the 28th? Well then happy birthday sis!) I am giving you a tournament for the ages.  I’m taking it a little old school though and only including 64 (instead of the now 68) ‘teams.’  With the help of a few ‘committee’ (and by this I mean, I’d listen to some people then eventually go with what I thought) members, the field of 64 has been set.  In a sequence of 4 posts over the next 2 days (or maybe all today, depends on how I feel) all 4 regional brackets will be released.  You’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about.  Well, it’s not basketball.  It’s actually not a sport at all.  In the spirit of the blog, I give you the 1st annual (can I even call it that yet?) “I Done Said It Awesomeness Tournament” or IDSIAT for short.  The IDSIAT focuses on entertainment (mostly mine) and this year will be a challenge of the past 4 decades of television shows.  The 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, and the 2010’s (the shows of today).  The ‘teams’ were selected on popularity (if I thought the show was worthy) during their decade.  There were many bubble teams (particularly the 1980’s and 1990’s).  Some shows overlapped decades, so I did my best in placing them.  The seeding was not agreed upon by others with me, so I just did it all myself (next year I’ll ask for some help, YEAH RIGHT).

I will be looking for comments from people reading this to determine the winners of each of the matchups.  Judge the shows based off of intro music, quality of the show, and how you think the cast (the characters, not their real life actors) would fair in a basketball matchup against the other shows.  With that being said, if I don’t like the way votes go, I hold the right to overrule because I can (but I will only do that if you guys are idiots).

So here we go folks, the 1980’s Bracket!

1.  The Cosby Show vs. 16. Baywatch

Hilariousness, steady beat based intro song, great cast (and guest appearances) vs. The Beach, drama, memorable intro song, bikinis, lifeguards

8. Cheers vs. 9. Dallas

In what might be the best first round match up of theme songs, 2 shows with great followings go head to head

4. Who’s the Boss? vs. 13. MacGyver

Oooohhh I can hear the theme songs in my head, a housekeeper vs. a guy that could use everything in the house to build a spaceship

5. Knight Rider vs. 12. Perfect Strangers

Michael Knight vs. Balki and Cousin Larry….imagine that 2 on 1 fast break

2. Growing Pains vs. 15. Charles in Charge

Not gonna lie, 2 of my favorite theme songs matched up in the first round, it pains me to know that one of these shows wouldn’t advance

7. Magnum PI vs. 10. Golden Girls

The Mustache vs. the Old Ladies….sounds like a porno, no?

3. The A-Team vs. 14. The Wonder Years

I don’t think an oral diary can win against Mr. T in his prime…

6. Dukes of Hazzard vs. 11. Doogie Howser

Just the good ole boys vs. the boy genius

How far will the top seed advance?


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