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Boob Mom

I know that’s not her name.  I really don’t care what her name is.  She is weird.  Sorry if that offended you.  If you want to breast feed your child late into their teens (an exaggeration I know), then by all means do it, just don’t do it on the cover of one of the most read magazines in the world.  If you didn’t already know, TIME released a mag last week that had an image of a 26 year old woman being ‘proud’ to breast feed her 3 year old son.  The problem is, that picture looked a lot less like a proud mother/son combo, than an older woman molesting a creepy child.  Just saying.  I personally think 3 is a lil old to still be getting boob milk.  I really hope this picture/concept has freaked out more people than just me.  Hey boob mom,  if you wanted to give him breast milk, couldn’t you just pump it out like normal people do these days?  Did you have to scar us and your kid for life?  Why do I say scar? Well think about it, in 15 years when he’s in high school (and you’re possibly still breast feeding him) his friends will be like “ooooh your boob mom’s kid, do you still drink straight from the well?” or some things close to that.  Congrats for being the worst mom ever.  Don’t be an attention monger-er boob mom.  Let your kid live a normal life…or whatever he can do that’s closest to normal now.  Hit up the grocery store, by a gallon of milk. I know times are tough but damn lady, get that kid off your boobs.  There, I DONE SAID IT!  Hmm, never thought I could get away with saying “boob” so many times without it being something perverted.  Look at me being all adult like and shit!

When I found this picture, I thought it was the original cover, then I read what it said. Ahahahaha, well done MAD. Spot on!

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