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Lately the East Coast has been in the midst of a crazy ass, hot, humid summer.  Usually when that happens you also get some crazy storms.  For the past 3 weeks this has indeed been the case.  Lightning striking trees and starting a fire (saw it on my drive yesterday).  Thunder that sounds like an atomic bomb was dropped in your neighborhood (that may be an embellishment seeing as how I’ve never heard the sound of an atomic bomb). And rain that makes your house sound like it’s being attacked by the heavens.  I’m no meteorologist, but I’m sure that most of these things are just signs of the coming apocalypse (thanks Mayans!).  So why am I writing about the storms?  Well, firstly as a public service announcement to the masses to stay safe, millions lost power during the storms of the past few weeks and some even lost their lives, so don’t do anything stupid.  Secondly, I’m writing this for those of you who don’t know how to drive.  Here we go.  If you have problems driving in drizzling conditions, DO NOT attempt to drive in a storm you idiots!  If you ever have pulled over on the side of the road during poor weather conditions, then you, by default, should NOT be driving whenever there is a storm out.  If you get afraid from the sound of thunder or from the flashes of lightning, then you should NOT be driving during a storm.  Why am I so angry about this? Well, while driving in the middle of the crazy storm last night (where I could not see the car in front of me or the road for that matter, I drove from memory, I’m pretty bad ass), I kept seeing caution lights swerving at the sound of the thunder or during the flashes of lightning.  I also saw idiots parked in the middle of the road ON A HIGHWAY under bridges because they were afraid to drive.  Hellooo McFlyyyy, you can’t do that shit!  You’re lucky you didn’t kill anybody with that stupidity of yours.  So yep, I just vented, but whenever I’m doing 79 in a torrential down pour I don’t need stopped cars, banana peels and turtle shells slowing me down.  Stay home, drink some hot chocolate and let us professional drivers enjoy the challenge of a storm.

(Actual footage from me driving.  Probably not the safest or smartest thing to be driving and recording at the same time, but the radio stations kinda sucked and I was bored)

Lightning looks so cool…unless it’s setting a tree on fire, then it’s freakin’ awesome!


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Game 4

The Heat won.  That’s it. Not really.  The Thunder blew a 17 point first quarter lead before halftime.  They made crucial mistakes down the stretch.  AND with LeBron on the bench with cramps, they let Mario Chalmers beat them.  Norris Cole hit shots in the first half, Mario Chalmers hit em in the second half.  Let that sink Thunder fans, I didn’t mention LeBron or Wade, I just reminded you that you lost because you couldn’t contain those 2 “role” players.  Westbrook was PHENOMENAL.  He played one of the greatest games in Finals history.  You still lost.  Durant was solid as well.  You still lost.  Wade and James were outscored by Westbrook and KD.  You still lost.  Why? Because you kept leaving guys wide open for 3 pointers (coaching should have stopped this after their 3rd wide open shot) by rotating late or biting on a pumpfake.  Oh and James Harden, if you aren’t gonna shoot the ball when you’re open, just get off the court.  I love the way you play bro, but you need let that beard give you some confidence.  The Thunder can still win this thing, but they have to be willing to want it and not be afraid by the moment.  If last night is an indication, Westbrook is the only one willing to fight for it. KD and Harden have to show up offensively in Game 5, or the Heat will be your 2012 NBA Champions…and how many of us really want to see that??

His face says it all.

Look at what I just did, I gave no statistics at all but my point came across.  I’m pretty damn awesome.

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Game 2

First and foremost, that wasn’t a charge on Kevin Durant.  That WAS a foul on LeBron James.  The referees were inconsistent.  But that’s not why the Thunder lost last night.  They lost because for some reason, they forget how to play basketball in the first quarter of NBA Finals games.  It’s the reverse LeBron.  Granted he came up with a big shot in the 4th last night.  Despite how shitty their first half was, the Thunder still had a shot at the end of the game.  I’d have prefered them to hold for last shot, win or go home scenario, but they decided to go quick (and KD was fouled, it wasn’t called) and try to score.  Didn’t happen. Game ends on free throws.  LBJ showed up again in the Finals, Wade was meh.  He was runnin’ like a guy with a hip injury in that 4th quarter.  MVP of this game goes to Shane “Bank Shot” Battier.  I think that guy just hit ANOTHER 3 pointer.  If I’m the Thunder, I can take losing because of LBJ and Wade, but when these other guys start scoring shit, you’ve gotta clamp down.  Oh and in the battle of horrible coaching, Scotty Brooks, congrats on your LVP award.  I was shouting for the last 8 minutes of the game to have a line up of Ibaka, KD, Westbrook, Harden, and Sefalosha.  That is your best defensive line up and when Fisher isn’t hitting the open 3, Thabo is just as good as an option.  He made the switch to that lineup with about 3 minutes to go, and the Thunder roared back. I have ZERO coaching experience and I knew to do that.  For the most part the stars have shown up.  Harden and Wade much better games, Westbrook and KD still solid, James again with a career high Finals game (clutch shot and 12-12 free throws).  If the Thunder realize they need to start playing at tip off and not in the 2nd quarter, they have a good shot at this.  Either way it looks like this thing is gonna be a good tight series.  Get your popcorn folks.

This was probably an offensive foul on Ibaka. Yep, the officiating is horrible. Call it like you see it zebras! Just be consistent! Don’t ruin this shit David Stern!

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