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Are You Ready For Some Football?

Tonight, the most glorious season of all seasons returns.  No, it’s not spring, summer, fall, or winter.  It’s Football Season!  Smell it in the air.  Taste it on your tongue. Feel it in your skin.  And whatever other cliche term you can use, go ahead and throw it in.  The NFL is back!  College football is great, but it has nothing on what is the KING of professional sports in America.  So while the first game is between 2 teams I hate (Cowboys and Giants), it’s still football folks and that makes me a little too excited.  Today I will give you my pick for tonight’s game (Giants over the Cowboys, boom, done) and also my predictions for the season.  I am, what some circles may call, an expert on life, and life includes football.  So here we go.

  • NFC East – Best division in football as always.  Every team should improve a bit, but beat up on each other. The Redskins are rebuilding (HTTR!!), the Cowboys suck (offensive line atrocious and Romo still sucks), the Eagles have a oft-injured fragile QB (Ron Mexico gets hurt way too easily).  My pick for the division is the Giants.  I hate that I just said that, but they are the most solid team when they want to be.
  • NFC South – Bucs will be better but still a few years away.  Panthers should be threats, but with the Falcons and Saints in this division it’s gonna be tough to come out on top.  Going with the Falcons to win the division.
  • NFC North – Lions, and Packers, and Bears OH MY!! Oh and the Vikings (meh).  Packers should win this division with strong competition from the Bears.
  • NFC West – 49ers would be Super Bowl favorites if they had a good QB (yep, Alex Smith isn’t good).  Seahawks look to be exciting and dynamic with Wilson at QB.  Cardinals just need any QB who knows to throw it to Fitzy.  And the Rams are the Rams…aka they need a time machine to go back to when they were good.  Niners should win this division.
  • AFC East – Pats with easiest schedule win the division.  Jets MIGHT score a touchdown at some point.  Bills will be tough to score on.  And the Dolphins won’t be more entertaining than they were on Hard Knocks, and honestly that isn’t that entertaining.
  • AFC South – Texans are the class of the division.  Jags suck.  Colts suck.  Titans will probably suck.
  • AFC North – Ravens defense is old.  Bengals offense is young.  Steelers  team is old.  Cleveland sucks as a city…and the Browns suck as a football team.  Ravens will win this division.
  • AFC West – Chargers, Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs.  I look at these teams and see Rivers and Manning.  I think the Chargers win the division.

So in the NFC I have division winners being the Giants, Falcons, Packers, and 49ers with the Saints and Bears as Wild Cards.  And in the AFC I have the Pats, Texans, Ravens and Chargers with the Broncos and Steelers being the Wild Cards.

My NFC Champ game is between the 49ers and Packers, and AFC is between the Chargers and Texans.  I pick the Packers over the Chargers in the Super Bowl.

How accurate will this be?  Probably not at all.  But I don’t care, I done said it.

Horrible officiating be damned, I got my football back!



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