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The Nod and Smile

You know that person, the one that nods their head when you are explaining something to them as if they understand.  At work it’s usually something they have messed up over AND over again, and when you try to tell them about it, they are just staring off into space nodding as if they get what you’re saying.  Then 10 minutes later, they mess it up again.  Or it’s that friend in your group project at school, the one you are explaining that they have to do the introduction and conclusion for the report.  They nod away, yet still, they somehow forget or completely do something that has nothing to do with your overall project.  Perhaps it’s that friend, that for some reason keeps messing shit up for you (in any means of life work/school/relationships). When you explain to them they gotta stop what they are doing to sabotage you, they just nod and are like “yeh for sure.”  To all of the aforementioned people, F$&^ you.  Seriously.  Listen to what the hell we have to say the first time and don’t mess it up again.  If I see your ass nodding and smiling when I’m telling you something, please expect something to get thrown at your candy ass (Rock reference due to the violence that will ensue).  I feel like I’m in the movie Rush Hour when Chris Tucker is talking with Jackie Chan saying “do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouuuuuuth?”  Your dumbass is just standing there smiling, but you have no idea what I’ve actually said.  So to all you idiot douchebags who are guilty of this, STOP.  Just stop it now.  One day, someone will flip out on you.  Honestly, it’s liable to be me really soon.  And you will deserve everything that you get for being stupid.  Listen and follow.  Then you can go nod and smile while looking at a mirror.  See how stupid you look to the rest of the world.  World, please don’t become “these people” (what do you mean “these people?”). Also, punch “these people” when you get a chance (in the face or the gut, it doesn’t matter), maybe it’ll deter them from being morons later on.

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Pretty much how it goes. Now if only I could find a ladder to push people off of when they don’t listen

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