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So I was hanging out with my friends (eh, I guess I like them enough to call them friends) a few weeks ago.  We decided to order pizza.  Simple thing you know.  So I call up a local pizza spot and ask what the specials are.  And here is where the fun starts.

Me – Hey what are your specials for take out?

Guy- Umm its $8.99 for a large one topping pizza.

Me – Do you guys have any specials for more than one pizza?

Guy – Yes sir we do. $17.99 for 2 large one topping pizzas.

Me – (Let me preface this with I am very good at math) Umm, dude you realize that I’d save a penny if ordered the large one topping pizzas individually?

Guy – Ummm

Me – What kind of special is more expensive when you get more of it? It’s cheaper to just do each one seperate.

Guy – Yep

He really did end the convo with a yep. Probably because he had no damn idea what the hell I was talking about. I know it’s only a penny but what kind of marketing genious makes the special for 2 of the same thing actually cost more than the original? Has it gotten that bad that corporations (granted this was a small store) can’t even do simple math? Does this also mean if ordered another topping that they’d reduce the amount of the toppings even though I’m paying for the EXTRA topping? Am I asking alot of questions regarding a pizza? Seriously though, it’s obviously no big deal, but damn, people are just getting dumber by the minute.  Not this guy though (thumbs pointing right at my face).  This guy is on a quest to rid the world of stupid.  So dumb people beware, I’m comin’ for ya.

Holy hell that looks delicious!! I want pizza now. Screw lactose intolerance, that right there looks worth the bathroom time. (Too much info, I know)

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What A Sale!

Guys, my boy (@ERockPerez, follow him on twitter, oh and follow me too @idonesaidit {shameless plug}) posted something hilarious yesterday that I just had to share.  The picture below really needs no description (except for the idiots that still walk the lands of this planet).  It’s a sale for the ages! They are slashing ALL prices!  In what looks to be a K-mart, the greatest ad campaign in the history of marketing was launched.  I’m surprised that they didn’t have to shut that place down from all the rioting for savings! Black Friday ain’t got shit on this sale!  I’m renting a U-haul and heading out, who’s with me?!!

At these savings, I can't afford NOT to buy everything!!


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