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Explain this to me….

I’m a little confused (what’s new right?). Some of you have had this convo with me before, and nobody has really been able to answer the question for me.  But this came up yet again in discussion just yesterday, so I feel like it’s time to put it out there.  Summer is upon us, which means, beach/pool season.  Which means chicks in bikinis.  I get it.  Great for tanning.  Actually, that’s pretty much all I get.  I’m no prude (maybe I am?), but what exactly is the purpose of a bikini?  Is it really functional for swimming? Why is it such a popular beachwear choice? That’s not even what I am confused about.  What I’ve never understood is what exactly is the difference between a bikini and a bra and underwear? Anyone (Beuller? Beuller?)? Yep. Didn’t think so.  Only thing different between them is manufacturers and colors.  It’s the same damn shit.

So tell me why girls are all like this in their bra and underwear:

“OMG!! Stop looking at me, I’m not decent, gosh you’re such a perv!”

Yet in a bikini they are all like this:

“Check me out, I’m hot as shit, these other girls are so not hot compared to me! OMG my body is so nice! Heyyy booyyys!!”

That’s the way the girls feel regarding those situations yet I’m pretty (pretty, pretty) sure, the girl in her bra and underwear is actually wearing MORE than the girls in their bikinis.  Hmmmm.  Perplexing indeed.  Seriously though, somebody figure this shit out.  Girls get your shit together.  Y’all wonder why the hell we are confused all the damn time, yet with shit like this you don’t seem to know what your answer is.  Fix it.  Can’t wait to hear what the “differences” are.  CAN’T WAIT!!!

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