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Would You?

So recently I partook in a trip to Chicago for a conference (it was a conference for awesome people if you must know).  While out in the city, chillin’ with my peoples, we started playing the “scenario” game, basically coming up with ludicrous situations with lewd amounts of money involved if you were to do said things.  Upon asking the waitress if she would wear only a pink wedding dress every day for a whole year for $200,000 but couldn’t reveal why she was doing it (thanks OA), she came back at us with a scenario rather than answer ours (for the record, I am male, as were 2 of the people with me, and along with them and the 2 females with us, we all said that we would wear a pink wedding dress for a whole year for that amount of money, yep, money talks).  Her scenario “For unlimited World Power, would you eat a baby (think of it with a no punishment religiously kind of thing)?”  I quickly answered yes.  She looked at me disgustingly.  My boys Confusion and Ponch asked if the baby was alive or dead.  They would do it if the baby was dead, but not if it was alive (the girls did not concur with eating the baby period).  World Power encompasses many things, awesomeness and money mainly.  I know it’s wrong, but come on, I’m pretty sure at some point at one of those ethnic buffets we’ve all eaten at, that human was probably somewhere on the menu (was that a little racist? yes, yes it was).  Also, give me the Honey Mustard from Outback and I’m pretty sure I could eat anything with it, that stuff is that good (sidenote: I once told a waitress at Outback to bring me lots of Honey Mustard because it was delicious and it’d be cool to shower in it because it’s that dag gone good, she brought me 25 bowls of it and mocked me for not finishing them all, morale of this story, be careful what you wish for.  Also, Honey Mustard is really hard to wash off your body…??).  So I present you this same scenario, for World Power, would you eat a baby?  Does it matter if it’s dead or alive?  What about the pink wedding dress? Let me know!

I’d look absolutely stunning in this dress, 365 days in the year son!

(Do you guys think babies taste more like chicken or beef?)

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