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You see what I did there with the title? Today is one of those days.  You know, when you wake up and you know the world is out to get you.  You go to take a shower, and once you’re done you realize that you don’t have a towel (it was cold as shit today too, for the record I do not know first hand how cold ‘shit’ actually is, just sayin’).  You get in your car and head out of your neighborhood, only to realize you forgot to shut your garage (I really need someone to just sit in my garage and open and close that thing for me, because apparently the remote control isn’t easy enough for me). Or perhaps on your drive to the office you hit every red light on God’s green earth (accompanied by slow ass drivers in the passing lane). It’s just one of them days (think Monica)! So today, I’m just gonna assume the worst.  I’ll probably end up in some mistaken identity case and be arrested (again!) on charges of midget tossing or something weird of that nature.  Thursday, you are my arch nemesis today, may you hurry and pass without any other incident.  And some say Thursday is the new Friday! To these people I say, where is my damn towel! Seriously, I have damp carpet now!

Pretty much how it went down this morning....ugh

PS: If you didn’t like today’s blog, it’s ok, because remember, I don’t like you, so we are even! (smiley face, wink face)

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