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It’s that time of the year again folks, to all my Muzzies, ‘Slims, and Muslims (those are all the same), Ramadan Mubarak!!  Let the mass texts (don’t send me a mass text you lazy bums) and emails fly!!  Let the annual game of Crescent Moon Hide and Seek begin.  To those of you fasting today, you guys have better seekers than those of us starting tomorrow….overachievers.  But seriously, in the technological age that we are in, how is it that we can’t all start fasting on the same day?? Did we or didn’t we see the moon?  And if we did, why couldn’t someone take a picture? I mean seriously, put that thing on Facebook or Instagram, and the whole world would know what’s up.  Or perhaps we could do something smarter and just follow whatever MECCA does!! It’s MECCA!!! They are most likely to be on top of their game guys.  Every year the mosques announce that everyone will be following the national guidelines provided by some organization (no idea which one they all would agree on) and EVERY YEAR 2 mosques about 10 minutes from each other start Ramadan on a different day.  The organizational skills of the muslim communities are second to none!!! Please realize that was sarcasm. Last year I blogged on the beginning of Ramadan here: https://idonesaidit.com/2012/07/20/the-hungry-games/ (shameless plug).  There are more things to know about it, but since Ramadan hasn’t started where I live, you guys will just have to wait and see what else I gots to say bout dat! So to all my non-fasters today, enjoy your last breakfast and lunch for a month (I know y’all will because I’ve already seen you guys Instagram the pics).  And to my fasters, Ramadan Mubarak.  Just remember, if you’d have lived one mile up the road, you would have started fasting tomorrow and not today!!

What moon? Brother I’m looking, I just don’t see it! Khalas, we will start in 2 days!

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