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Summer’s Here…

And all the children rejoice.  And those of us in the workplace remember what used to be.  Daydreams stop in 3, 2, 1.  Reality creeps back in.  You’re at work.  Your kids, cousins, unemployed friends are chillin’ at the pool.  You’re slaving away at work.  You pissed off yet? Like I said in an earlier blog (https://idonesaidit.com/2012/03/06/howd-i-lose-3-months/), summer pretty much sucks now.  So while we were all happy we got an extended weekend because of Memorial Day, that’s really all we got, was an extra day.  Gone is that long ass vacation.  Replaced with those long days in an air conditioned office (or non air conditioned, some bosses gotta save money somewhere right?).  So to all the people who are posting on Facebook or Twitter that “Summer is here!” please shut the hell up.  Somewhere is nowhere near here.  Unless “here” involves a time machine, none of us are gonna have a “great summer.”  So enjoy the heat and your workplace.  Oh and if you were waiting to wear white until Memorial Day, you’re an idiot.  I’m not letting anyone tell me what I can and can’t wear (wearing Batman costume to work today, my job needs a hero like me today).  So while the young in’s are getting their summer bronze on, you’re getting pastier by the minute (yeh I’m talkin’ to you, that’s not tan, you’re white as shit). Bring on the Summer Fun! Ugh, I hate you Summer.

What none of us are doing right now.


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