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“Arrested” Development

This just in (like an hour ago), George Clooney was arrested at a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy.  He was there protesting Sudan’s blockage of humanitarian aide and supplies.  He definitely get’s mad props for this EXCEPT for the fact that the whole thing was staged as a publicity stunt.  Clooney, his father, and some random ass congressman set this damn thing up.  Well it worked, people now know bout what you’re protesting.  Just like the Kony (Guy is definitely evil, but there is something fishy with that whole movement) situation, this will blow up via social networking and news outlets, and then when it’s time to actually do something to help the people of Sudan, no one will show up (kinda like that party I threw last Tuesday night, where the hell was everybody? I hate you guys).  So basically next time you want to get a point across folks, just get arrested for the cause (definitely doesn’t work for normal people, my friends and family didn’t bail me out of jail for 3 weeks when I protested the loss of TGIF), or have a famous person do it for you.

I wish I could have someone fake "arrest" me so I'd get in the news and be cool (no seriously, I do kinda wish that).

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