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Dream Team Debate

Recently Kobe Bryant said he thinks that the current Team USA could beat the Dream Team from the ’92 Olympics.  Many people have chimed in on this already, but let’s be honest, my opinion is the only one that really matters.  In saying that, I would also like to say that Kobe Bryant is an idiot if he actually believes that.  Seriously Kobe, shut the hell up.  I will provide a player by player analysis comparing similar players from each team to evaluate who I think (and obviously I’m gonna be correct on this shit) would win that individual battle.  Then we can tally up all the wins and losses and see who should in theory win that game.  Here we go:

  • Starting PG – Magic Johnson vs. Chris Paul.  I don’t care if Magic had syphilis, chlamydia, and herpes to go along with HIV, he still is a better player than CP3 and his size alone would cause a huge mismatch problem.  Yeh CP3 is fast, but that’s what help defense is for.  I don’t see CP3 ripping Magic and scoring any easy buckets.  Oh Magic hadn’t played in a year? Your point? That previous year he took his team to the Finals.  Not even close.  Edge: Dream Team.
  • Starting SG – Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant.  Hey Kobe, you asked for it, you would absolutely get murdered.  Kobe has copied Jordan his whole career but he will never be Jordan.  MJ in a landslide.  Edge: Dream Team
  • Starting SF – Charles Barkley vs. Carmelo Anthony.  Sir Charles dominate Melo.  Chuck plays physical defense, and is a punisher on offense.  Remember this is Chuck in his best condition as a professional ball player.  Melo is lazy, and is a volume scorer.  That’s great when you are the only star on your team, but not so great if you are amongst stars. Edge: Dream Team
  • Starting PF – Karl Malone vs. LeBron James.  Ok so some would say that LBJ could be the 3, but either way whether he’s the 3 or 4, he is gonna win that battle and whoever the other forward position is would lose.  It’s alot closer than you would think because LBJ has never had to guard people of this caliber on defense then have to actually have the size and athleticism match up on him offensively.  Edge: 2012
  • Starting C – Patrick Ewing vs Tyson Chandler.  Really? Ewing would make Chandler inefficient.  Chandler defends around the hoop, Ewing is best facing the rim from 8-12 feet out. Edge: Dream Team
  • Bench PG – John Stockton vs Russel Westbrook.  Stockton is one of the best PG of all time, but he never had to face anyone with the speed and athleticism at the point like Westbrook.  In a one on one game, Westbrook wins easily, in a TEAM game Stockton dominates because of court vision and ability to not turn the ball over or take dumb shots.  Edge: Even
  • Bench Wing – Clyde Drexler vs. Andre Iguodola.  Clyde.  All day.  Every day. Are you freaking kidding me.  Edge: Dream Team
  • Bench Wing – Chris Mullin vs. Kevin Durant.  The dream needed some shooters, Mullin was one of em.  Kevin Durant is incredible tho.  Durantulla dominates this.  Edge: 2012
  • Bench Wing – Scottie Pippen vs James Harden.  Yeh I thought so, Pip running away with this.  Edge: Dream Team
  • Bench – Larry Bird vs. Deron Williams.  I love Larry Legend.  Even when he was old he was doin THANGS.  Williams is a good PG, but in a shooting contest who do you pick?  Shit in a game of one on one who do you pick?  Yep, the Hick from French Lick.  Edge: Dream Team.
  • Bench Post – David Robinson vs. Kevin Love.  I love me some Kevin Love, but the Admiral in his prime would demolish him.  Edge: Dream Team
  • Bench College Player – Christian Laettner vs Anthony Davis.  Dukie was the better offensive player, but Anthony Davis athletically is a freak.  I would easily pick Davis.  It has nothing to do with the fact that I hate Duke either.  Edge: 2012

12 players.  9 wins for the Dream Team.  3 wins for the 2012 team.  The problem is 2 of those wins were bench players.  So if you shorten the bench, they might not even be wins.  Hell if you switch the lineups some you could say that if you matched MJ on LBJ and a Pip in his prime defensively on Kobe, that they’d win those battles too.  Even still, LBJ and KD are the only 2 (Kobe 4 years ago, not now) that could earn a spot on the team right now.

When Larry Bird was told of Kobe’s comments, he replied, “They probably could. I haven’t played in 20 years and we’re all old now.”  If we go off of trash talk, the Dream Team would win there too.

Seriously, why the hell was Christian Laettner on this team. They REALLY didn’t want Isiah on this team huh.

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Game 2

First and foremost, that wasn’t a charge on Kevin Durant.  That WAS a foul on LeBron James.  The referees were inconsistent.  But that’s not why the Thunder lost last night.  They lost because for some reason, they forget how to play basketball in the first quarter of NBA Finals games.  It’s the reverse LeBron.  Granted he came up with a big shot in the 4th last night.  Despite how shitty their first half was, the Thunder still had a shot at the end of the game.  I’d have prefered them to hold for last shot, win or go home scenario, but they decided to go quick (and KD was fouled, it wasn’t called) and try to score.  Didn’t happen. Game ends on free throws.  LBJ showed up again in the Finals, Wade was meh.  He was runnin’ like a guy with a hip injury in that 4th quarter.  MVP of this game goes to Shane “Bank Shot” Battier.  I think that guy just hit ANOTHER 3 pointer.  If I’m the Thunder, I can take losing because of LBJ and Wade, but when these other guys start scoring shit, you’ve gotta clamp down.  Oh and in the battle of horrible coaching, Scotty Brooks, congrats on your LVP award.  I was shouting for the last 8 minutes of the game to have a line up of Ibaka, KD, Westbrook, Harden, and Sefalosha.  That is your best defensive line up and when Fisher isn’t hitting the open 3, Thabo is just as good as an option.  He made the switch to that lineup with about 3 minutes to go, and the Thunder roared back. I have ZERO coaching experience and I knew to do that.  For the most part the stars have shown up.  Harden and Wade much better games, Westbrook and KD still solid, James again with a career high Finals game (clutch shot and 12-12 free throws).  If the Thunder realize they need to start playing at tip off and not in the 2nd quarter, they have a good shot at this.  Either way it looks like this thing is gonna be a good tight series.  Get your popcorn folks.

This was probably an offensive foul on Ibaka. Yep, the officiating is horrible. Call it like you see it zebras! Just be consistent! Don’t ruin this shit David Stern!

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Game 1

During the coming weeks you may find more Sports posts in addition to my randomness, deal with my awesome multi-talentedness (yep that’s now a word).

I’m a keep this one quick.  LeBron showed up, scored a career high for a Finals game for him.  That’s right, I’m actually not hating on him for his performance.  Did he get outplayed by Durant? Yes.  But that’s not why they lost.  They lost because of 2 things.  Coaching and the lack of D-Wade and Boshasaurus Rex.  Why was James guarding Perkins? That’s not LeBron’s call, that’s coach Spo.  Spo, you’re an idiot.  D-Wade, worry less about your post game fashion and stop being a complaining biotch on the court.  Bosh, hit your open shots.  Better yet, don’t take stupid shots.  For the Thunder, Durant, keep doin’ what you’re doing (17 in the 4th quarter wowww).  Westbrook was the MVP of last night, the guy nearly put up a triple double.  The Heat have no one to guard him.  He just needs to play within himself and not do anything stupid (no more technicals you knucklehead).  Harden, I’m gonna need you to show up for the rest of the series.  “Others” battle was pretty even as Chalmers and Battier showed up and Collison, Sefalosha (defense), Ibaka (at the end), and Fisher did their parts.  Game 1 was a lot closer than the score indicated.  Heat missed a ton of open shots, and settled for lots of jumpers without swinging the ball around.  The Thunder took control when they stopped jacking up jumpshots and drove to the hoop.  Penetrate and dish.  Yesterday I said that coaching was even, today I think the same of Scotty and that much less of Spo.  Game 2 tomorrow.  We’ll see if everyone else decides to show up and help LeBron or if the chilllllrens from OKC can take a decisive lead in the series.


These 2 didn’t fail to deliver. The rest of the Heat…not so hot now huh?


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The NBA Finals

Tonight marks the start of Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat.  It’s definitely the match-up that most (not me, I hate the Heat) wanted to see.  We have 4 legit Superstars in LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Dywane Wade, and 2 Stars in Chris Bosh and James Harden.  In OKC,you have the best crowd in all of the NBA (sorry Sacramento and Golden State fans).  In Miami, you have perhaps the worst fans, front-runners who show up to games late (even Lakers fans know to show up to playoff games early).  Both teams were built differently but yield similar results.  Two young exciting teams with “Big 3” cores.  The Heat built up through free agency while the Thunder were forged through the NBA Draft.  So now it’s time for my breakdown and prediction (sure to be wrong) for the NBA World Championship (even though it’s only played in North America?).

  • Point Guard – Russell Westbrook, Derek Fisher vs. Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole — Westbrook is one of the best point guards in the NBA.  It’s a toss up if he is the best “scoring” PG in the league (Derrick Rose, sadface he’s hurt).  Chalmers will get somewhere between 8 to 14 points a game, but the difference in both talent and experience (old man Fisher) gives the Thunder the edge here.  ADVANTAGE OKC.
  • Shooting Guard – Thabo Sefolosha, James Harden vs. Dywane Wade — Harden is the 6th man of the year, Wade is a former Finals MVP, Sefolosha is a solid defender who can hit the open shot.  At this time, I don’t think anyone would take either of these guys over Wade, but judging this solely by the position, 2 are greater than 1.  ADVANTAGE OKC.
  • “Small” Forward – Let’s be real, neither of these guys are small.  LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant (no offense to Shane Battier or Mike Miller). This is the match-up everyone wants to see.  How often they guard each other is questionable.  LeBron is the better athlete, the better overall player, KD is the better pure scorer.  As much as I love the Durantulla, nobody in their right mind would pick him over LeBron (and I hate LeBron).  ADVANTAGE MIAMI.
  • Power Forward – Serge Ibaka vs. Chris Bosh — I love, love, love Ibaka’s team defense.  His offense is questionable (despite his bursts in the playoffs).  Chris Bosh is a horrible defender, but he is one of the best scoring bigs in the NBA.  With that being said, if Ibaka goes over to help on defense, Bosh will have open looks, if he’s locked in, he will hit them (think this year and last year’s Eastern Conference Finals).  With that being said, and as much as I hate to say it, Bosh has this match-up.  ADVANTAGE MIAMI.
  • Center – Kendrick Perkins vs. Joel Anthony — The Battle of the Century.  Nobody cares bout these guys.  Anthony is offensively deficient.  Perkins is a liability on pick and rolls.  Perkins is the better player.  ADVANTAGE OKC.
  • Other Guys – Not labeling it the bench, but just the other guys who weren’t really mentioned.  Nick Collison is pretty much it for the Thunder.  Battier, Miller, James Jones, Ronny Turiaf.  Wow, I never thought I’d be picking it this way but I’d go with Miami here.  ADVANTAGE MIAMI. (I gave the advantage to Miami as far as “other guys” but many people have been upset I didn’t mention Udonis Haslem, because he sucks, but here you go guys, Haslem is an “other guy”)
  • Coaching – Both of these guys are idiots.  Coach Spo looks like a guy that needs to be punched in the face for that stupid smirk he makes.  Coach Scotty Brooks looks like the guy from Franklin and Bash (also of Road Trip fame).  Spo has the better defensive squad.  Brooks has the better offensive squad.  It’s gonna come down to which of these guys can make an adjustment faster.  Ehh, I can’t pick either here.  NO ADVANTAGE, both teams need better coaches.

Well after all of that, I have a 3-3 tie with the 7th factor being a tie.  Does that mean this is going to 7 games?  Maybe.  My heart wants to pick the Thunder, because I actually like their team.  My gut says the Heat will win because I hate them and that’s the kind of year I’m having.  I don’t think it goes 7.  I think whoever wins it gets it done in 6 games.  I’m rooting for the Thunder, they represent all that is right in the NBA (except for the whole moving the team from Seattle thing…sorry Sonics fans).  Let’s hope the build up was worth it and this series delivers. Yep, you read all that right, I didn’t actually pick a winner because it can go either way.  Legacies will be cemented after this Finals, are you gonna be a Michael Jordan, or are you gonna be a Karl Malone?  Durant vs. LeBron…err I mean Thunder vs. Heat, tonight is the night (is the night, is the night).

LeBron got the MVP. Will Durant get the Championship?

(Yes I’ve linked this before, but seriously, how does this shit not get you hyped up.  John Tesh, please sell this song to ESPN!!)

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Breakdown of the match-ups with who won the season series.

Here we go.  The NBA, where “amazing happens.”  The playoffs, where superstars become legends or regress to stars (LeBron, this one’s for you).  I’m a hater, I know this.  I am a crazy fan of my teams.  I will follow them until the bitter end (and trust me, it’s usually ending bitter for me).  This year will be different.  And with that, I give you my predictions for the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs.


1. Chicago Bulls vs. 8. Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers (cough,Evan Turner, cough) wanted the Bulls (because the “Heat are a better team”) so bad, that they royally tanked their final game of the season to keep the 8th seed.  Well Philly, you got your wish.  Derrick Rose and Evan Turner have bad blood from their high school days in the Chi, and Rose didn’t take too kindly to Turner’s statement.  Rose dominates, Bench Mob does work, Bulls in 5.

4. Boston Celtics vs. 5. Atlanta Hawks

The Celtics are one of those teams that could either win a championship, or lose in the first round.  The injury to Ray Allen is troubling.  The emergence of Avery Bradley masks it some, but please believe the playoffs are not the regular season and they need Allen’s shooting. The Hawks are ummm, the Hawks.  Yeh, maybe the Celts don’t need Ray-Ray for this series.  Celtics in 6.

3. Indiana Pacers vs. 6. Orlando Magic

Also known as Snoozefest 2012.  Nobody actually cares who wins this series.  Dwight Howard is “injured” and won’t play (yes I put that in quotation marks, he reminds me of that kid that takes away the ball when he doesn’t get his way on the playground).  Shout out to David West representing my highschool.  Otherwise I really don’t care.  Pacers in 6.

2. Miami Heat vs. 7. New York Knicks

Hmm. Last lockout season 1998-1999, the Knicks turned it on just before the playoffs, and upset then number 1 seed Miami Heat in the first round.  We all remember the fights and the Allan Houston shot.  This year, Knicks have kind of been on a tear lately.  I’m not saying anything, but I’m just saying.  Melo could turn into the Melo from his Championship at ‘Cuse.  JR Smith and Steve Novak could go nutty hitting 3’s (Three pointers will be a HUGE factor in this series).  Tyson Chandler will anchor the back line of the Knicks D.  Iman Shumpert can slow D-Wade.  I hate the Heat.  I hate LeBron.  I think Bosh is the softest player in the NBA.  If I were the Knicks, I’d bring Amare off the bench. Obviously I’m not the Knicks.  The LBJ-Melo matchup should (SHOULD) be a classic. As much as I hate to admit it, the Knicks are better than people are giving them credit for.  The Heat’s lack of size in the paint and tendency to miss a ton of their 3’s will cost them.  Knicks in 6 or 7.  Haters gonna hate.


1. San Antonio Spurs vs. 8. Utah Jazz

Spurs look primed for another championship run.  The Jazz are not that good.  Spurs in 5.  Yep, it’s that simple.

4. Memphis Grizzlies vs. 5. Los Angeles Clippers

Z-BO! He’s back. Can he carry the Grizz again? The fact that him and Rudy Gay can’t play together scares me because this is probably one of the best teams built for the playoffs. When your 2 best players can’t work on the court together it’s an issue though.  Chris Paul wants to win.  Blake Griffin needs to learn to play defense.  If this turns into a Chris Paul dribble for 20 seconds show, the Grizz will beat the hell out of Lob City.  I’m torn on this series.  I really am.  It’ll be entertaining to watch though.  Because of the Gay-Z-Bo drama, I’m going Clippers in 6.

3. Los Angeles Lakers vs. 6. Denver Nuggets

On paper, the Nuggets should win this series.  In reality, paper doesn’t actually beat rock, and the Nuggets won’t beat the Lakers.  Kobe is Kobe, Bynum could be a beast and Pau is doin’ the damn thang (he’s hitting 3’s now!).  Ty Lawson, Aaron Afflalo, and the”Manimal” are a solid core, but no way in hell would I pick a team that has JaVelle McGee as their center.  Lakers in 6.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder vs. 7. Dallas Mavericks

Really?!? This is a 1st Round matchup?  Damn you Lamar Odom for making the Mavericks end up being the 7 seed.  This could have been a Western Conference Finals matchup in any other year.  The Mavs regret letting Tyson Chandler go.  He was their defense.  The Thunder are niiiiiccee.  If “Toofie” Westbrook can learn to not turn the ball over and just keep nailing those midrange jumpers, the Thunder will actually be a title contender.  It’s Durant’s team.  Give him the damn ball. Quick thought though, if James Harden was a LEGO man, that shot from Metta World Peace would have knocked his damn head off (it actually almost happened with him being a real life human).  Thunder in 6.  Dirk and company get rest as they await the offseason to sign Deron Williams and maybe trade for Dwight Howard.  Rest up Dallas.

(This theme needs to come back ASAP.  I just got so hyped up listening to this damn song.  NBA do something and buy this from Jon Tesh for reals. I’m still bobbing my head to the beat.)

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