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Olympic Scandal!!

And I’m not talking about the budding love relationship between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte (just made that up).  Apparently EIGHT Olympians have been disqualified for throwing matches in the ever so important and highly contested sport of….wait for it…BADMINTON!  That’s right, 4 members from China, and 2 each from Indonesia and South Korea have been DQ’d for losing on purpose so that they can get easier match-ups later on in the competition.  Apparently it was so blatantly obvious that the crowds were booing the teams (how crappy is the other team that the crowd notices teams are intentionally losing…).  They were serving the shuttlecock (that’s what it’s called right) into the net consistently or hitting it out of bounds.  Did anybody consider that maybe they were all drunk?  I’ve seen people play this game at parks, and none of them seem to know what they are doing.  Actually, I think this shouldn’t even be an Olympic sport.  Why?  Because nobody gives a damn about Badminton.  Seriously.  Aside from being forced to play it in like the 7th grade, it’s a non existent game.  What about the Chinese female swimmer that people think is cheating because she beat a man’s time.  Have people not heard of equality?? Hahaha, just kidding! “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying,” the official slogan of Olympians worldwide!

What happened to this as an Olympic sport? Oh what was that? Badminton replaced it…what the hell is that about…Zeus would be rolling over in his grave right now (is that even possible?)…

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