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Ugly Christmas Sweaters…

Tis the season, which means a bunch of you are gonna be wearing ugly Christmas sweaters to holiday parties, dinners, family time, work, the gym, etc.  But did you know that there is a wrong and a right way to do this?  Most of you qualify under the wrong way to do it, and end up looking like complete douche-bags.  For those of you who are wearing them properly, kudos to you, and keep the holiday spirit flowing.  So right now you are either wondering “what is the right and wrong way to wear an ugly Christmas sweater” or “what in the hell is this idiot talking about”?  Both of those will now be answered.  There are 2 and ONLY 2 rules that need to be followed, acknowledged, and recognized regarding rocking these funny looking holiday sweaters:

  1. Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater to be funny is cool.
  2. Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater to be cool is NOT funny.

If you are following rule number 1, you are doing it right.  If you are following rule number 2, please for the love of God, quit being a tool bag and follow rule number 1.  It’s THAT simple.  I know a bunch of people in the number 2 camp right now, and luckily I’ve just been too lazy to call you out, but please believe that this is your warning; do that shit again and your mocking will be fair game (I don’t care if it does make you go home and cry yourself to sleep).  I done said it!

I’m pretty sure I want to buy this for the purpose of being hilariously awesome! If you don’t understand “the funny” behind this, then you most likely fall in the Rule #2 category…


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