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Tupac…alive and well

2-Pack Shaker (that’s how we pronounce it in the south) is alive. Tupac ain’t dead.  Hologram/CGI my ass.  That was him on stage at Coachella.  Ya’ll ain’t foolin’ me.  He’s making his comeback as a “hologram” so that way when I see his ass out at a club, he can be like “oh it ain’t me, it’s a hologram….or maybe I’m a ghost!”  No sir, I ain’t buying it.  Not one bit.  He’s released more songs AFTER he died than he did while he was living (I have no idea if this is actually true, I made it up and I believe it).  Tupac is back son, and he “ain’t mad at ya.”  Be ready, he’s backkkkk!!

Man look how real this looks!! You think this is a hologram? Shittttt noooo! Oh wait, this is an actual photo...my bad....

Man, Chappelle, you weren’t kiddin’, he still alive!


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