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100 points, 50 years later

Today marks the 50th anniversary when Wilt ‘The Big Dipper’ Chamberlain scored 100 points against the New York Knicks in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  50 years have come and gone, and the record still stands (much to Kobe Bryant’s chagrin). With the way athletes are conditioned with ‘swag’ and ‘attitude’ these days, it’s very unlikely for this record to ever be broken because nobody wants to be punked (remember when Justin Timberlake was Punk’d, that was hilarious, but a totally different kind of punking).  The closest anyone has gotten to this record is the aforementioned Kobe ‘Black Mamba’ Bryant when he scored 81 against the Toronto Raptors in 2006 (what a ballhog, 81? Geez man, pass the damn ball). To me though, this isn’t even Wilt’s most impressive record. That award would belong to the amount of sexual conquests he had, over 20,000 to be exact.  From his 1991 biography, “A View From Above,” Wilt openly discussed the relationships he had with all the random women he met over the years. Not only was he good with the ladies, but apparently he was real good at math too:

“Yes, that’s correct, twenty thousand different ladies. At my age, that equals out to having sex with 1.2 women a day, every day since I was fifteen years old.”

20,000! Bro, that’s a whole ‘nother record that won’t soon be broken.  So while people are celebrating the 100 points, let us remember that Wilt was more than a basketball player…he was also a playa!  Wilt died at the age of 63 (RIP), alone, unmarried, unengaged, and a self proclaimed bachelor for life. In the end, we all die alone (think about it).

(I wonder if he did a picture with 20,000 on it?)

Back to basketball though, is there anybody in the NBA that can get to 100? Kobe, LeBron, KD? I don’t think so, but tell me what you guys think by commenting below (not that I really care about what you think or anything, but I wanna make fun of somebody).  So today, I salute you Wilt, for owning 2 of the most impressive records on the planet. If you’re gonna be the best, be the best at EVERYTHING you do, I DONE SAID IT!



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