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Act of “Randomness”

Sooooo, I have an idea (I know, how excited are you right now).  We all know that flashmobs are all the rage these days (yes they are asshole, shut up!).  So, I’m thinking, what’s better than a flash mob? Well, I’m glad I asked myself that question, because here comes the answer.  A singing flash mob aka a choreographed performance for the history books (aka youtube).  You know, something like what they did in Grease (Summer lovin’ had me a blast…).  I just wanna one day show up to a mall/restaurant/university/place of worship/Chick-fil-A/Chuck-E-Cheese/etc. and bust into random dance and song.  And as this is happening and people are giving me the craziest stares ever, more people join in, finishing chorus lines, knowing the dance moves.  It’d be so fun, and we’d get whatever point we wanted across to everyone (Pulitzer and Hearst definitely got the point from the ‘Newsies’). So this blog is a call to arms (arms, legs, throat…whatever we need to get this thing movin!).  I need 3 things from anyone interested:

  1. An original song – someone has to be good at writing shit, it has to be moving, yet catchy
  2. An awesome dance to the original song – incorporate whatever we can from modern to made up shit (the Penguin dance comes to mind)
  3. A location for doing the damn thing – it has to be awesome and very, very public

Let’s do this guys!  It’s time to make things in the movies become real life events (I already know that all movies are based on true stories, but I’m just sayin’ that it’s time for me to be involved in this).

I swear if one you assholes falls and causes a domino reaction like this I will strait flip out on you. Otherwise tho team, let's think positive! We will be great!

PS: We need awesome costume design, can I get a cape?

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