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Simple Joys

Today, I’m gonna be a little positive (surprising right? And no, this isn’t a guest blog).  I wanna talk bout the little things, that for some reason make us so happy, when in reality they have no ‘grand scheme’ significance. So one of those things, fries found at the bottom of the bag.  I know I’m not the only person who thinks it’s awesome when after we are done with our food, we go to look at the bag before throwing it away and TA DAAAA more fries (the inner fat kid in us all rejoices)!! The fries are probably luke warm at best, but man oh man, when you are still just a little hungry those extra 5 or 6 fries can do the damn thang for your appetite. Another simple joy that can’t be quantified, catching all green lights when you may be running late.  When you tell someone about this they won’t give it it’s proper due, but if they were in your shoes, oooohhh baby, it’d be one of the best mornings ever! What about when you’re bored as shit, and there is nothing on TV, til you flip to like TBS/TNT and “Back to the Future” is on (seriously this movie is incredible, “1.21 Jiggawatts!”).  Obviously there are more, but I’m kinda leaving this to be open ended.  When you read this, you’ll immediately think of your own ‘simple joys’ and probably smile and nod to yourself.  I’m just tryna bring a little positive energy today (contrary to my friends beliefs, you know who you are asshole!).  Feel free to comment with any of your own ‘simple joys’ (or be selfish and keep them to yourself, God, you’re such a jerk).

Yummm, now if only there were Blow Pops in this bag I'd be in heaven!

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