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Game Over

So there was a game last night.  The douchebags won.  The NBA is rigged.  LeBron is still an asshole (am I right Cleveland?).  Just like when the Spurs won back in 1999, this one will have a little bit of an asterisk next to it for being a strike shortened season (I’m stickin’ to that story, haters gonna hate bro).  Did LeBron play well? Yeh, he had a great Finals, but as I have and as I will continue to point out, his team gets the most ridiculous calls.  Every flop is somehow a charge (and NO they are not always set!).  By rule, if you lower your shoulder into a player it’s an offensive foul…think about that.  That’s what LBJ does every time he drives to the lane, do they ever call it? Nope.  Also, let’s go back and watch Wade and Bron Bron when they start a drive outside the 3 point line.  8 out of 10 times they take an extra 3rd step, is that called a travel? Nope.  You know what else is a travel? The jumpstep.  The way that the players in the NBA use that now as an extra 2 steps without it being called is ridiculous (this is more than just the Heat’s doing, but they are the most flagrant of abusers).  So you can crown the Heat, they won the series.  But man, what I would have given for an evenly called series.  Yesterdays game wasn’t controversial because everyone in the AAA was hitting 3’s.  Mike Miller who can barely walk was somehow given wide open jumpers.  LET HIM DRIVE YOU IDIOTS!! The guy is 2 days away from needing a walker to function properly.  Either way, after the Heat hit their 11 billionth 3 point shot, everyone knew it was over.  Emperor Stern, do something about the officiating.  Your league is going to shit.

Look, he couldn’t even walk to go to the bathroom! He squatted and just went right there!

Oh and to my boy who left the country after the  Miami  loss last year, you know this won’t make up for last year, so remember that  feeling bro (yep, I’m an asshole!).

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Game 4

The Heat won.  That’s it. Not really.  The Thunder blew a 17 point first quarter lead before halftime.  They made crucial mistakes down the stretch.  AND with LeBron on the bench with cramps, they let Mario Chalmers beat them.  Norris Cole hit shots in the first half, Mario Chalmers hit em in the second half.  Let that sink Thunder fans, I didn’t mention LeBron or Wade, I just reminded you that you lost because you couldn’t contain those 2 “role” players.  Westbrook was PHENOMENAL.  He played one of the greatest games in Finals history.  You still lost.  Durant was solid as well.  You still lost.  Wade and James were outscored by Westbrook and KD.  You still lost.  Why? Because you kept leaving guys wide open for 3 pointers (coaching should have stopped this after their 3rd wide open shot) by rotating late or biting on a pumpfake.  Oh and James Harden, if you aren’t gonna shoot the ball when you’re open, just get off the court.  I love the way you play bro, but you need let that beard give you some confidence.  The Thunder can still win this thing, but they have to be willing to want it and not be afraid by the moment.  If last night is an indication, Westbrook is the only one willing to fight for it. KD and Harden have to show up offensively in Game 5, or the Heat will be your 2012 NBA Champions…and how many of us really want to see that??

His face says it all.

Look at what I just did, I gave no statistics at all but my point came across.  I’m pretty damn awesome.

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Game 1

During the coming weeks you may find more Sports posts in addition to my randomness, deal with my awesome multi-talentedness (yep that’s now a word).

I’m a keep this one quick.  LeBron showed up, scored a career high for a Finals game for him.  That’s right, I’m actually not hating on him for his performance.  Did he get outplayed by Durant? Yes.  But that’s not why they lost.  They lost because of 2 things.  Coaching and the lack of D-Wade and Boshasaurus Rex.  Why was James guarding Perkins? That’s not LeBron’s call, that’s coach Spo.  Spo, you’re an idiot.  D-Wade, worry less about your post game fashion and stop being a complaining biotch on the court.  Bosh, hit your open shots.  Better yet, don’t take stupid shots.  For the Thunder, Durant, keep doin’ what you’re doing (17 in the 4th quarter wowww).  Westbrook was the MVP of last night, the guy nearly put up a triple double.  The Heat have no one to guard him.  He just needs to play within himself and not do anything stupid (no more technicals you knucklehead).  Harden, I’m gonna need you to show up for the rest of the series.  “Others” battle was pretty even as Chalmers and Battier showed up and Collison, Sefalosha (defense), Ibaka (at the end), and Fisher did their parts.  Game 1 was a lot closer than the score indicated.  Heat missed a ton of open shots, and settled for lots of jumpers without swinging the ball around.  The Thunder took control when they stopped jacking up jumpshots and drove to the hoop.  Penetrate and dish.  Yesterday I said that coaching was even, today I think the same of Scotty and that much less of Spo.  Game 2 tomorrow.  We’ll see if everyone else decides to show up and help LeBron or if the chilllllrens from OKC can take a decisive lead in the series.


These 2 didn’t fail to deliver. The rest of the Heat…not so hot now huh?


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