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In the spirit of ‘March Madness,’ I’ll go with a basketball themed topic today.  Rebounds.  No, I ain’t talking about Dennis Rodman.  Rebounds in the sense of that next girlfriend/boyfriend/object you are hollering at following a relationship.  Apparently there are rules regarding “Rebounds.”  I never understood that though.  You here people say, “you never long term with a rebound, it won’t work.” Umm, technically, isn’t every relationship after your very first relationship a “Rebound?” I mean if you talk to the next chick and she was a rebound, then isn’t the chick after the first rebound chick a rebound to her?  Confusing? I know. But with the dumb logic that people throw out there, I just counter with facts, and the fact is that every follow up significant other is a follow up to the previous one after the very first relationship.  So eventually you do end up getting with a “Rebound.”  I done got your brain all confused yet understanding.  So boys and girls, do not fret, if you’re into that “rebound,” then go up strong with 2 hands and grab that shit before someone else does.  Errybody needs a little lovin’.

Bro, in the end we are all rebounds. Unless you're Cinderella or Snow White (actually, insert any Disney princess) of course, because they find love right away (or they just settle).

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