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It’s Just Lunch…Maybe Dessert?

I don’t know if you guys have heard the commercials for this or not, but the whole concept is funny to me.  “It’s Just Lunch” is a dating organization that sets up “busy professionals” for lunch “dates” based off of personality screenings.  If you and said lunch date hit it off, then you can carry on in a normal dating fashion, but if you don’t, hey, it’s just lunch, no harm no foul.  Seems simple enough.  But what does the company get out of this? The satisfaction of setting up 2 people? Yeh, like that pays the bills.  Well when you do a little research (hey, what can I say, I love lunch!), you find out that signing up for this service is a few thousand dollars depending on the region you are in.  You read that right, a couple of THOUSAND dollars.  My first thought on finding this out, was “holy shit, I better be getting dessert with this meal!”  Ask my friends, that’s exactly what I said when I found this shit out.  This “service” has been around for a while, but I actually do not know anybody who has tried it, or will ever admit to trying it.  I think primarily because most of my friends wouldn’t waste a few grand on something like dating.  So my point.  I know we were all waiting for it.  Well, who is willing to spend this kind of money?  Rich people right?  AKA Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas.  So maybe this is really a good idea.  Hmm.. Let’s say it’s $4,000 a year, break that down that’s $333 a month.  Per day (assuming weekdays here) that’s about $16-17 dollars a day for a guaranteed lunch date.  If you used it every day.  Since “it’s just lunch” I assume that everything is the pair going dutch.  Using my superior reasoning skills, you could write off in your head (not in taxes) that the $16-17 a day would have gone towards the date anyway, so therefor you are breaking even, but with the ability to be seeing someone new everyday.  Maybe this isn’t such a wonky idea? I have effectively convinced myself in the span of this blog that this shit might actually be legit.  My intention was to hate on this whole company like no other, but from a guy’s perspective, this shit is actually genius.  If you start seeing chicks on the weekends, you decrease the cost of a “date” to about $11.  Damn, not bad at all.  I never realized how persuasive I was, but damn, I’m good.  Oh shit, it’s lunch time! I’m hungry.  I’ll be back later y’all.  No big deal, it’s just lunch…

It’s Just Lunch. Best Idea Ever. According to this Debbie Downer of an image anyway.

PS: All jokes aside, does anybody wanna start an escort service with me that tracks “It’s Just Lunch” dates and sends up a follow up “friend.”  I’m thinking of calling it “How About Dessert?”  I can see myself Scrooge McDucking a tower of gold coins now!

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