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Let’s start this off by saying that as much as this machine has helped people with math over the years, it is also the downfall of mankind’s math reasoning skills.  Our reliance on this machine has become ridiculous.  We were better off when the abacus was the primary counting machine. But alas, it was too heavy.  So we are left with calculators.  I love math.  I really do.  My nickname for a long period of time was “Number Boy” (mostly used by my old roommate Ponch, shout out!).  Today, I’m takin’ it way back with what I like to call “Calculator Game” (and no I am not talking about bowling or slots on the TI-82 or TI-83).  This is strictly those regular calculators that potentially could be solar powered.  So for all the immature minds out there like mine, enjoy!








If you understood any of that, then me and you should be friends immediately!  If you have any that are funny that I didn’t put up here, or some that you just want to put, feel free to post away.

A calculator like this is perfect for this game! Nothin’ fancy folks…

(If you still don’t get it, type the numbers in your calculator and turn it upside down to read the word…damn you must have had a shitty childhood!)

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