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Is That Real?

Recently, I was introduced to some people (yep some people).  They were a formerly married couple.  Older (in their 40’s and 50’s).  Their friends (or maybe I should say “friends”) were commenting on how the ex-wife was a “newer” version of herself.  For those of you who aren’t following, it means that she has had many plastic surgeries.  Lips, facelift, breast implants, butt lift (and not the Brazilian Butt Lift video!), and a nose job.  After a couple of comments here and there, I got to thinkin’ (I know, I know, scary thought!).  To me it seems like there are 3 trains of thought regarding plastic surgery:

  1. Medically Necessary – obviously this is not what I am talking about in this particular case, so we will skip it as a whole.
  2. Self-Doubt/Self-Conscious – meaning that the person didn’t like how they were constructed by God and decided to “upgrade” themselves.
  3. Influenced – the person’s partner wanted them to make these “upgrades” and the person obliged so as not to lose said partner.

So I’d classify most plastic surgeries in the number 2 and 3 categories here.  Do people really hold themselves in such low regard these days that they feel they need to change themselves for others?  The short answer to that is yes. Everybody at some point doesn’t like something about themselves, but you just gotta remember that’s what makes you unique (whether it be a boring unique or an exciting one).  Anyways, I’m not turning this into a motivational blog, that’s just not my style.  So back to the fake stuff.  When is it appropriate to ask someone “is that/are those real?”  Not in a perverted way but in a serious, seeking knowledge kind of way?  Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but umm are those real (you thought I was gonna sing it didn’t you?)?  Or “hey what kind of chapstick are you using to make your lips look huge?  Oh it’s not chapstick?” Or perhaps a “hey, your nose isn’t huge anymore, what happened?”  I feel if you change stuff on yourself then people should be able to ask questions about it.  Right?  That way if you don’t wanna get bombarded with questions, you don’t change anything?

“The perfection of mankind lies in our imperfections” – Me (I know, that shit is pretty deep)

I’m inquisitive by nature, so if I know you and you’re gonna change yourself, be prepared to get some really weird questions…that’s just how I roll.

When I grow up (aka get enough money), I’m gonna look just like her! Oh yeh I’m a dude, sadface…stop judging me!!


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