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The Voice

Does anybody watch this show? I do, go ahead and judge me I don’t give a damn.  I’ve found that the show actually sucks after the initial “blind auditions.”  Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are hilarious, Cee-Lo (he’s just a tall midget right? his arms are tiny!) is weird and funny, and Christina Aguillera is just plain annoying as shit.  She’s like an annoying looking transvestite wench.  Her face looks all botox’ed up and she thinks she is God’s gift to earth.  Yo “X-tina” you haven’t been relevant since you were “Dirty” (she was hot as hell in that video, in a dirty kind of way of course).  Ever since then, you’ve actually just became “Trashy.”  The Voice could do a lot better with a lot less of her voice. Let the funny guys stay funny and remove the evil troll from the damn show.  Christina, please just bottle up your Genie looking self and shut the hell up. That is all….for now…

It's amazing what airbrushing can do...if you watch the show she looks like a cross between japanamation and prostitution...just sayin'

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