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Wash Your Damn Hands

To the guy that just walked out of the public restroom without washing your hands, you are a disgusting asshole.  Seriously, it takes all of 20 seconds (sing happy birthday while doing it for the right amount of time) to wash your hands.  Shit humor me, turn on the faucet and don’t even wash, but at least lead me to believe that you did.  I’d venture to say (I’ve always wanted to use the phrase “venture to say”) that 50% of guys do not wash their hands after using the restroom.  How is that acceptable? Ladies, when your man leaves the bathroom, do you not call him out on this shit? If you don’t it’s time to start! Mothers, do you not instill it in your children to clean their filthiness after using the bathroom? If you don’t, be a better parent.  I can only speak for what I see in the Men’s room, but does this shit happen on the female side of things too? Have we gotten to that point as a society that we are just a bunch of disgusting pricks?  Am I the only person that this actually bothers?  I wonder how many of the people who aren’t washing their hands work in the food industry, or just shook my hand upon arrival for a meeting.  Excuse me while I go shower myself in hand sanitizer to get this dirty feeling off of me.  Next time you see someone not washing their hands, call em out.  Say something witty if you can, and if you can’t just revert to the 1st grade with an “ewww, you didn’t wash your hands!” shouted out at the top of your lungs (also make sure you point at the culprit).  Hey society, you’re disgusting, wash your damn hands!

In case your mom didn't teach proper bathroom etiquette, here's a step by step on how to wash your hands you idiot. If you still mess this up, slit your wrists...seriously...down the road not across the street bro.

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