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Tourney Time, 80’s style

In the spirit of the this great month of March Madness (yes I can’t say March without saying Madness after it, oh so your birthday is March Madness the 28th? Well then happy birthday sis!) I am giving you a tournament for the ages.  I’m taking it a little old school though and only including 64 (instead of the now 68) ‘teams.’  With the help of a few ‘committee’ (and by this I mean, I’d listen to some people then eventually go with what I thought) members, the field of 64 has been set.  In a sequence of 4 posts over the next 2 days (or maybe all today, depends on how I feel) all 4 regional brackets will be released.  You’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about.  Well, it’s not basketball.  It’s actually not a sport at all.  In the spirit of the blog, I give you the 1st annual (can I even call it that yet?) “I Done Said It Awesomeness Tournament” or IDSIAT for short.  The IDSIAT focuses on entertainment (mostly mine) and this year will be a challenge of the past 4 decades of television shows.  The 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, and the 2010’s (the shows of today).  The ‘teams’ were selected on popularity (if I thought the show was worthy) during their decade.  There were many bubble teams (particularly the 1980’s and 1990’s).  Some shows overlapped decades, so I did my best in placing them.  The seeding was not agreed upon by others with me, so I just did it all myself (next year I’ll ask for some help, YEAH RIGHT).

I will be looking for comments from people reading this to determine the winners of each of the matchups.  Judge the shows based off of intro music, quality of the show, and how you think the cast (the characters, not their real life actors) would fair in a basketball matchup against the other shows.  With that being said, if I don’t like the way votes go, I hold the right to overrule because I can (but I will only do that if you guys are idiots).

So here we go folks, the 1980’s Bracket!

1.  The Cosby Show vs. 16. Baywatch

Hilariousness, steady beat based intro song, great cast (and guest appearances) vs. The Beach, drama, memorable intro song, bikinis, lifeguards

8. Cheers vs. 9. Dallas

In what might be the best first round match up of theme songs, 2 shows with great followings go head to head

4. Who’s the Boss? vs. 13. MacGyver

Oooohhh I can hear the theme songs in my head, a housekeeper vs. a guy that could use everything in the house to build a spaceship

5. Knight Rider vs. 12. Perfect Strangers

Michael Knight vs. Balki and Cousin Larry….imagine that 2 on 1 fast break

2. Growing Pains vs. 15. Charles in Charge

Not gonna lie, 2 of my favorite theme songs matched up in the first round, it pains me to know that one of these shows wouldn’t advance

7. Magnum PI vs. 10. Golden Girls

The Mustache vs. the Old Ladies….sounds like a porno, no?

3. The A-Team vs. 14. The Wonder Years

I don’t think an oral diary can win against Mr. T in his prime…

6. Dukes of Hazzard vs. 11. Doogie Howser

Just the good ole boys vs. the boy genius

How far will the top seed advance?


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