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Stuck in my head

Dear Diary,

“One shining mommmmmmeeeeeeennnnnnnnnt.”  My bracket done all went to hell, damn.

My bad..

Dear Diary,

When I was in the 2nd grade, I pulled out the chair from under this girl named Brooke while she was trying to sit.  I then tried to change my mind and push it back in, but she ended up hitting her back and scraping it against the chair.  Ms. Edgerton (my 2nd grade teacher) made me write her a letter as an apology.  If I was her I’d be pissed as shit.  I wonder if she remembers that incident?  Hmm, I also wonder what happened to Brooke?

I Wonder (Stevie)

Dear Diary,

You know the saying “you can look, but you can’t touch?”  Do blind people follow the credo “you can touch, but you can’t look?” How’s that really workin’ out for everybody?