New Year’s Resolutions…

Everybody is doin ’em right.  I figured I’d drop a few awesome things I plan on doing but I really know won’t end up happening because planning things for a whole year in advance never works out…right?  Your resolutions are probably something like:

  • I’m going to the gym every day – no you’re not, you’re probably going every day for 3 days, then that shit stops
  • I’m going to lose weight – so you weigh yourself with clothes on in the morning, then at night take your clothes off and boom you “lost weight”
  • I’m going to meet the man/woman of my dreams – it might be possible, but remember, nightmares are classified as dreams too…
  • I’m gonna be more active – as in you are actively going to watch TV and stay at home more?

Those are just a few of your stupid resolutions.  Now let’s get to my AWESOME ones:

  • Learn at least 5 hip/hop dances – Me and YouTube are gonna have some damn fun this year
  • Be meaner to people – because it’s more likely to happen than me being nicer to people
  • Learn to ride a bike – I’m pretty sure I’ve said this every year since I could speak and that shit still hasn’t happened
  • Learn another language – It’d be cool to do, or maybe just re-learn one of the ones I already know, like English…boom accomplished
  • Learn some craft – like carpentering or plumbing…or witch craft…

I think I can at least do 2 of the things on my list which would mean my New Year would be 40% successful aka much like most of your high school grades in basic sciences.  Hip hop (anonymous) dancing king crown here I come!

Damn I miss Calvin and Hobbes…and for the record I agree with Calvin!



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5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions…

  1. nemeSiS says:

    You forgot uninstalling your Fantasy Football App. You MUST. Unless you won the league, then its worth keeping to look back on

  2. Salim says:

    How about I learn some Kraft instead. #mac&cheese

  3. Nasser says:

    I’m gonna teach you to ride a bike..That is my resolution.

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