Country Music…

…is awesome.  That’s right. It is. If you’ve never listened to country music and you are shaking your head right now saying no it’s not, then you are a damn idiot.  Yep, you are.  That’s straight ignorant.  Country music might be the only kind of music left where the words actually mean something.  Sure some of the songs are fun, quirky, or stupid, but that is the minority.  Unlike other genres where the stupid and dumb are the norm (I’m looking at you Hip Hop), country music brings something to the table.  That something is great voices and emotion to their songs.  Now I’m not naive enough to think that country music is better today than it was 10 years ago (definitely not the case), or that it’s better than 1980’s power ballads (“I am a man who will fight for your honoooorrr”), but it’s good shit people.  Listen to it, seriously.  You might hate the twang in some of the guys’ voices, but listen to the words.  Remember “I swear” and “I can love you like that” by All 4 One? Well those were country songs first (thank you John Michael Montgomery).  What about you girls who swooned over 98 degrees (and rising) version of “I do (cherish you.” Well obviously they weren’t talented enough to write that or even sing it first.  It was Mark Wills of country music fame who sang it first.  Whitney Houston may have made “I will always love you” a classic, but it started as a country song, thank you Dolly Parton.  All of that and I still haven’t even mentioned the awesomeness that is line dancing.  Yep, I said line dancing.  If you’ve never seen people line dance in person, you HAVE TO!!  It’s amazing how these people can stomp out to every song being played (they just know what to do, it’s freaking magic!).  It’s like a step contest in college, except everybody is wearing a cowboy hat and boots (oh and maybe 1 or 2 of the people are black, and if you watch, or stare like I do,  you will see they are far superior in line dancing as well).  So haters keep hating country music and by doing this stay ignorant.  Those of us who are smart enough to try different things out will be pleasantly surprised by what this genre of music has to offer.

Beep, beep mother effers…


I do like it, and I do love it…so please do give me some more of it…

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