Oh Snooze button how I love thee.  Even if you are just a tease with regards to getting extra sleep, that extra 9 minutes of hope you provide me gives me reason to believe.  Hope that I do not have to actually wake up and go to work, but that I can stay bundled up in bed all day.  I may hit you 4-6 times a morning, but please do not take this as abuse.  I do it because I love you, and because you make my morning just a little bit enjoyable because I know I can doze off for just a few more minutes.  When you snooze, you don’t lose, in fact when you snooze, you win…you win at life.

Oh Snooze, because of you, I can dream again…

Snooze button, you are such a jerk, I loathe thee.  Why are you only worth a measly 9 minutes more of sleep?  Every morning when I see you it is a constant reminder that I have to get up.  And when my hand goes to press you, I do so violently and with anger, because you follow the “alarm” that awakens me from my heavenly dreams.  I know that you are just a tease, just toying with my emotions only to break my heart in a few minutes.  Whoever said “when you snooze, you lose” was on point, because every morning that I hit that Godforsaken button, I feel like I have just lost in the game of life.

Sure I’d like to Snooze, let me just find the way to reach over and hit you…

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