Why The Olympics Suck…

Sorry to all you gymnastics, swimming, and track and field enthusiasts, but the Olympics suck.  The competition is great.  The athletes are amazing.  I’m sure the atmosphere is nuts.  The events are entertaining.  But, on the real, the Olympics suck.  If I’ve confused you just now, let me unconfuse you.  The Olympics suck because all of the events aren’t live in prime time (or ideal times for spectators).  20 years ago, the Olympics were cool because Facebook, Twitter, Dot coms, and the Internet in general didn’t ruin the events before you actually were able to watch them.  Today, you know who won what before you get to see it on TV.  NBC paid tons of money for the Olympics, so they have the right to delay the exciting events to Prime Time, but in doing so, we already know what happened and it kinda makes everything suck.  Actually, it DOES make everything suck.  The Olympics are an amazing even that occurs every 4 years, but as a from home spectator event it doesn’t come close to any other sporting events.  Whether it be Winter or Summer Olympics, it just doesn’t work for TV.  Next time, just go to the host city and take up the atmosphere, otherwise sit back and let someone spoil the results for you.  If this were a summary I had to do in elementary or middle (ok, let’s be honest, this is really my high school style writing), I’d conclude with this: For this reason I have mentioned above, the Olympics suck. I don’t need to give you any other evidence, because I am right, so take that!

Even the Opening Ceremonies suck because of “tape” delay…

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7 thoughts on “Why The Olympics Suck…

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