Dream Team Debate

Recently Kobe Bryant said he thinks that the current Team USA could beat the Dream Team from the ’92 Olympics.  Many people have chimed in on this already, but let’s be honest, my opinion is the only one that really matters.  In saying that, I would also like to say that Kobe Bryant is an idiot if he actually believes that.  Seriously Kobe, shut the hell up.  I will provide a player by player analysis comparing similar players from each team to evaluate who I think (and obviously I’m gonna be correct on this shit) would win that individual battle.  Then we can tally up all the wins and losses and see who should in theory win that game.  Here we go:

  • Starting PG – Magic Johnson vs. Chris Paul.  I don’t care if Magic had syphilis, chlamydia, and herpes to go along with HIV, he still is a better player than CP3 and his size alone would cause a huge mismatch problem.  Yeh CP3 is fast, but that’s what help defense is for.  I don’t see CP3 ripping Magic and scoring any easy buckets.  Oh Magic hadn’t played in a year? Your point? That previous year he took his team to the Finals.  Not even close.  Edge: Dream Team.
  • Starting SG – Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant.  Hey Kobe, you asked for it, you would absolutely get murdered.  Kobe has copied Jordan his whole career but he will never be Jordan.  MJ in a landslide.  Edge: Dream Team
  • Starting SF – Charles Barkley vs. Carmelo Anthony.  Sir Charles dominate Melo.  Chuck plays physical defense, and is a punisher on offense.  Remember this is Chuck in his best condition as a professional ball player.  Melo is lazy, and is a volume scorer.  That’s great when you are the only star on your team, but not so great if you are amongst stars. Edge: Dream Team
  • Starting PF – Karl Malone vs. LeBron James.  Ok so some would say that LBJ could be the 3, but either way whether he’s the 3 or 4, he is gonna win that battle and whoever the other forward position is would lose.  It’s alot closer than you would think because LBJ has never had to guard people of this caliber on defense then have to actually have the size and athleticism match up on him offensively.  Edge: 2012
  • Starting C – Patrick Ewing vs Tyson Chandler.  Really? Ewing would make Chandler inefficient.  Chandler defends around the hoop, Ewing is best facing the rim from 8-12 feet out. Edge: Dream Team
  • Bench PG – John Stockton vs Russel Westbrook.  Stockton is one of the best PG of all time, but he never had to face anyone with the speed and athleticism at the point like Westbrook.  In a one on one game, Westbrook wins easily, in a TEAM game Stockton dominates because of court vision and ability to not turn the ball over or take dumb shots.  Edge: Even
  • Bench Wing – Clyde Drexler vs. Andre Iguodola.  Clyde.  All day.  Every day. Are you freaking kidding me.  Edge: Dream Team
  • Bench Wing – Chris Mullin vs. Kevin Durant.  The dream needed some shooters, Mullin was one of em.  Kevin Durant is incredible tho.  Durantulla dominates this.  Edge: 2012
  • Bench Wing – Scottie Pippen vs James Harden.  Yeh I thought so, Pip running away with this.  Edge: Dream Team
  • Bench – Larry Bird vs. Deron Williams.  I love Larry Legend.  Even when he was old he was doin THANGS.  Williams is a good PG, but in a shooting contest who do you pick?  Shit in a game of one on one who do you pick?  Yep, the Hick from French Lick.  Edge: Dream Team.
  • Bench Post – David Robinson vs. Kevin Love.  I love me some Kevin Love, but the Admiral in his prime would demolish him.  Edge: Dream Team
  • Bench College Player – Christian Laettner vs Anthony Davis.  Dukie was the better offensive player, but Anthony Davis athletically is a freak.  I would easily pick Davis.  It has nothing to do with the fact that I hate Duke either.  Edge: 2012

12 players.  9 wins for the Dream Team.  3 wins for the 2012 team.  The problem is 2 of those wins were bench players.  So if you shorten the bench, they might not even be wins.  Hell if you switch the lineups some you could say that if you matched MJ on LBJ and a Pip in his prime defensively on Kobe, that they’d win those battles too.  Even still, LBJ and KD are the only 2 (Kobe 4 years ago, not now) that could earn a spot on the team right now.

When Larry Bird was told of Kobe’s comments, he replied, “They probably could. I haven’t played in 20 years and we’re all old now.”  If we go off of trash talk, the Dream Team would win there too.

Seriously, why the hell was Christian Laettner on this team. They REALLY didn’t want Isiah on this team huh.

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15 thoughts on “Dream Team Debate

  1. Coach K > Don Nelson…. 9-4 punk.

    • jadolous says:

      Chuck Daly coached the Dream Team, Coach K was an assistant on his staff….

      • nemeSiS says:

        POW. Plus Daly with his popped collar, classic. And this shouldn’t even be a discussion. 23 combined NBA titles for the Dream Team, 7 for the 2012 flunkies. The three greatest players of all time are on that team, and everyone else is top 50/100. I think Kobe and LBJ are the only 2012 guys that can even break into that list. No contest

  2. ItsJustLunchMidEast says:

    Dream Team is a joke, im in better shape than 90 percent of those ‘best ever’ athletes. Eff them, i have no respect. None of those clowns would be in the league with that out of shapness today. I agree with kobe for once.

    • jadolous says:

      Bro it’s 20 years later, of course they wouldn’t be in the league…these current idiots learned everything from the Dream Team players…Kobe is wannabe Jordan, LeBron is wannabe Jordan and Magic (HIV and all!)

      • Hassan says:

        That’s a silly argument man, we all learn from our previous generation, whether its sports or whatever else, how can you fault them for being influenced….Lets talk about MJ stealing Dr. Js dunk and doing it TWICE in ONE dunk competition and still winning, thats a joke man. is MJ a wannabe dr. j?

    • Anonymous says:

      itsjustlunchmideast – are you not comprehending this blog??… its a comparison of players at their prime. Players like that dont just fall out of shape… even with the “rust” they’d still prolly be running circles around you on the court.

      • ItsJustLunchMidEast says:

        I think you failed to comprehend my point, which was in their PRIME, the dream teamers were out of shape, look at the picture (barkley fat, magic fat…laettner, mullin, bird, stockton out of shape)

      • Anonymous says:

        are we looking at the same picture??? where do you see fat? maybe you need to go see jad for a new eye rx….

  3. Hassan says:

    Why do you criticize fox news when ur reporting is more bias? (old bird over deron? stockton even with westbrook? HIVed out Magic one year hiatus out over Paul?) Really? You’d make as good of a GM as MJ

    • jadolous says:

      in a clutch situation, who would you rather have with the ball, old Magic, old Bird OR deron, westbrook….that’s what I thought

      • Hassan says:

        Last time I checked, game is 48 minutes, not 3 seconds left in a game. Your basically ignoring the totality of a game and focusing on what if France, germany or whatever crappy international country that is probably getting blown out any way cuts it to one possession game with 3 seconds left.

      • jadolous says:

        Last I checked is in the clutch, the lineup I’d be fielding with the Dream Team has MJ on it, he is the definition of clutch, deron and westbrook wouldn’t even sniff the court in that situation, and if MJ is guarded you have Magic who was the epitome of clutch in his era, seriously man, you can try to argue the merit of players now because they are faster or stronger or what not, but a TEAM game requires the ability to be smart, and if you think anyone on the 2012 team could outsmart anyone (save for Laettner) on the Dream Team, you need to puff puff PASS…you can’t keep smoking that ish

  4. Hassan says:

    we’ll talk later after the effects of puff puff passing dies down

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