It’s the 4th of the Month…

This is for July 4th.  Independence Day.  Fireworks.  Grilling out.  Day off.  Will Smith (you know his blockbuster movies usually come out at this time). For many people, the 4th of July is just all of those things.  Some don’t even know what the “independence” part of Independence Day means.  “Uhh, isn’t that when we fought Canada and Mexico for America and we won? USA! USA!”  Yes, yes it is, that is exactly what happened.  I love the 4th because of the day off.  That’s pretty much where my heart was taken, I’m easy like that.  I’m gonna be a bum and do absolutely nothing, because for the 4th, that’s the American way!  You know what’s not the American way? Fireworks.  Yep, fireworks are Chinese.  There were no fireworks on July 4th, 1776.  Didn’t happen folks. “The bombs bursting in air” is not in reference to fireworks as some idiots think.  And to say that fireworks are a representation of that is kinda dumb too.  Fireworks are cool to look at….at DISNEY WORLD.  That’s pretty much it.  Local governments should save the money for other pressing needs, like maybe hosting a gigantic ass barbecue for everyone to attend.  At least that way you feed people.  Obviously I’m not a fan of fireworks and all the people that go out to see them (and yes I did happen to lose my parents on a 4th of July but that has nothing to do with this).  Big crowds suck on hot days.  And it’s always hot in July.  As for me, I’ll be grilling and chilling.  In no particular order.  Can’t wait to have delicious food AFTER sleeping in.  So happy 4th everyone.  Do what you do and be safe.  Seriously, don’t blow fireworks in your face (fact, the 4th is the busiest day at the ER).

Bring over whatever you want me to grill.. Everyone is invited over!

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