Random Dream

I had a crazy ass dream last night.  It revolved around assassination attempts on me because get this, I was next in line to be President!  From what I can recall, I was chillin’ with Obama, and he was tellin’ me what was up with the Presidency so that I’d be ready for it.  A transition type thing.  They had already arrested the guy that was supposed to “shoot” me (some Minority Report shit right there).  The guy was part of this huge ass Bicycle Gang.  They would terrorize the sidewalks and major intersections (pretty accurate for what bike people do). Obama was tellin’ me that getting hated on by ways of assassination plots was constant and that I would just have to handle my business.  There was alot of other crazy shit that happened, but those are obviously the highlights (that I remember).  I wonder what my platform was that got me to be the next Prez.  I bet I sang alot for my speeches.  Hmm, or maybe it was my hilariousness? Either way World, I’m comin’ to take over! Watch out!

Indeed I am…

(By the way, I ended up surviving said attempts on my life…but never made it far enough in the dream to be President)

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2 thoughts on “Random Dream

  1. Hassan says:

    Who was vice president? Joakim Noah?

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