Euro 2012 Quarterfinals

Hmmm so maybe I was a little wrong on some of the teams.  Of the 8 that advanced from the group stages, I picked 6 of ’em right. Not to bad.  So now let’s have my horrible analysis predict the Quarterfinal match-ups that start today.

Czech Republic vs. Portugal – Ronaldo is still a douche based off of his interview after a horrible game against Denmark.  When fans taunted him with chants of “Messi” he decided to be a bitch and talk shit about Messi.  He then scored 2 goals in the next game.  Portugal is the superior team here, but I think the Czech Republic pull off an upset.  If not I guess my prediction rate is still at the 75% rate right?

Germany vs. Greece – The well oiled German machine led by George McFly (Mario Gomez) and John Kreese from the Kobra Kai Dojo (Thomas Mueller) haven’t really struggled thus far.  Look for Ozil and Podolski to roam wildly in midfield.  The Greeks do not stand a chance.

Spain vs. France – Wow, this is gonna be a really good game.  If France played like they did to end the group stage they will lose.  Spain needs to change up areas of attack, the passing works against undisciplined teams, but to beat quality opponents you need various methods of attack.  Look for Spain to win in a close match.

England vs. Italy – Rooney and his hair plugs are back.  Italy to me has been decent but could be much better.  If Balotelli improves along with Di Natale staying consistent in attack, I think the Italians can win this easily.  England needs to start Walcott if they want to tire the Italian defense.  Italy advances.

That’s my predictions for the Quarterfinals, when I am wrong on all of them, do not be mad you bet your house and your first born son on my idiotic predictions.  When I’m right tho, ooooooh baby!!

Here they come….blitzkrieg!!

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