The Red Brick Road

So I got really bored last night.  Really bored.  Bored enough that “The Wizard of Oz” was on TV and I watched the whole damn thing.  That’s right, I watched it all.  A few things came to mind while watching it. How is it that this movie was made in 1939 (more than 70 years ago!) but it is still a decent movie?  And as one of my friends (The Wizard of Nas) pointed out to me a while ago, where the hell does the Red Brick Road go?? I never thought of it til he brought it up.  So when the time came for Dorothy and Toto to “follow the Yellow Brick Road,” I was a bit confused/angered as to why there wasn’t an explanation regarding the Red Brick Road (no, this isn’t a landmark on NC State’s campus).  Where the hell does it go? Anyone?  What if they were like “eff this shit” and followed the RBR (my abbreviation for it) instead.  I wonder what the story would have been like then.  I’m thinking she might have met a Scarecrow with a brain, a Tin Man with a heart, and a brave Lion.  Shit maybe, the RBR takes her to a door that leads her to her house in Kansas.  Where are all my conspiracy theorists at?  How is this shit not up there with the Kennedy assassination and the moon landing (never happened, trust me)? Watching the movie with that in mind had me baffled.  If the YBR (also abbreviated) was so important, why didn’t Dorothy ask “Hey where does the Red one go?”  Were the Munchkins gonna kill her for asking a question? I doubt it, she just killed a witch with a house! Who the hell was gonna try to fight her for asking a question? I WANNA KNOW!!! Somebody figure this out for me…NOW! Or maybe soon? Hollywood, you wanna make a remake?  Instead of making the same movie again, change it up a bit, have her go down the RBR and come up with a new story.  Create new characters, give us new songs, you know figure it out.  If anybody has any thoughts or suggestions on this, please feel free to let me know.  If I like your idea, I will steal it and claim it as my own.  When it makes me a billionaire, I’ll take you out to dinner (Wendy’s is a fancy place right?).

It’s there! Right there! Ask!! Why couldn’t she follow the red brick road?


(The Red Brick Road is even bigger to start off with!! Why would you not go there?!!)

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2 thoughts on “The Red Brick Road

  1. Moose says:

    I concur…i never realized this myself but when researching the history books (ancient egyptian scriptures or the pictures my parents have hung up over the years) i have several theories. Society associates red with bad, and stop, and devil and hell and temptation and those crazy hot candy balls. Maybe this was a way for the writers and directors to use some symbology. Yellow symbolizes the righteous path (heaven) and red leads to well we know what that is..NC State (Hell…sorry i had to jad). Anyway, if memory serves me correct that tornado should have killed her and that dog, yes i know helen hunt survived that F5, but she had Bill Paxton with her…of course she survived!

    Continuing on maybe the road lead to the guy who hung himself in the background???

    I have approached my colleagues in the area to get more input…then realizing what i’m doing turned around, and back to my own thoughts. If you notice her shoes are red..connection to the evil that was to come…i think so…god damn witch and your crazy monkeys.

    But from all this you know what makes me so mad. When she was first standing and all those stupid munchkins started singing. Why didn’t she just turn around and cross the RBR to get to the YBR, would’ve saved her like 10-15 seconds at least! Would something have happened to her if she crossed the river? Like in Oregon have 2 feet of water to cross Me: “oh yes this is easy i can get across with my oxen”…your entire family has died in the river Game Over! I’d like to think that’s why she didn’t take that shortcut.

    That is all.

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