What’s It Worth To You?

Well holy shit Oregon! So apparently some chick went on the dating site eHarmony and after her 4th (yep only 4 guys, time for y’all to move to Oregon) date had sex with the man she met off of the site.  Here’s where this story gets interesting (well I guess us knowing she’s down on the 4th date is interesting too), the day after they did the deed, homeboy tells her he has Herpes.  Yep, Herpes.  How many people didn’t see that coming?  I actually expected it.  So what did this young woman do?  Well she sued him of course.  She sued him for giving her Herpes.  And guess what?  She won. She won $900,000!! For getting Herpes!!  I know girls/guys who would be down for getting Herpes for FREE!!! This trick got almost a million dollars!!  W.T.F!! How is that possible???  How is getting a SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE (key word SEXUAL) not warning enough that if you have sex, you might get a disease??  I don’t get it.  I really don’t.  So if we’ve valued Herpes to be $900K, what’s the number for Syphilis? $1.3 million? Hmm, what about Gonnorhea? Is that worth like $750k?  Where does each STD lie on the monetary payback scale?  I think we are all entitled to know this shit!! Hell what if someone gave me the flu?  Can I get like 10 bucks? Also, did anyone tell Magic Johnson about this?  I bet he could make bank going after the chick (we assume it’s a chick) who gave him HIV!!  Shit, HIV is prob worth $3-4 million!  Magic, I got you son! As stupid as this story sounds, it’s true.  That folks is what is going on with our legal system.  My advice to men and women everywhere, write a contract before you get it on (Barry White style).  Save yourself the embarassment of having to pay up after giving your “partner” a little something extra.  For those of you who already got your “present,” time to start brainstorming and try to figure out who or what you got it from.  Ching ching! As for me, I’m bout to find out who gave me Pink Eye!! I’m a be rich!! PF Changs Mongolian Beef for dinner rich!!

The gift that keeps on giving. She got Herpes and $900,000. Best on-line date of her life!

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2 thoughts on “What’s It Worth To You?

  1. E Rock says:

    Now I want herpes, too 😦

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