Dancing While Driving

First and foremost, the title of this blog is not my Native American name (although it would be pretty damn fitting).  Ok, now let’s start.

A while back, I wrote that people shouldn’t dance or sing while driving because they most likely can’t do both.  I also wrote that I am not one of those people as I am amazing at both dancing and singing WHILE driving normally.  I honestly believe that if “Dancing while Driving (with rhythm)” were an Olympic Sport (Winter or Summer, doesn’t matter), that I’d get a Gold Medal (my boy “The Wizard of Nas” would probably finish second).  Now some of you are thinking, “hey I would be good at that too!”  If you thought that, you are probably wrong.  Notice the category says “with rhythm” in parenthesis.  If it said “without rhythm, I’m 100% sure that my youngest sister would finish 1st (my other 2 sisters would compete with that though).  So even in that category, you are screwed.  My family has book ended the “Dancing while Driving” sport. So today, I give you a few songs that will pump you up (the beats will get you rockin’ son) while driving.  Somehow making you think you have rhythm while also making you drive fast as shit.  So listen to ’em and use them yourselves.  Then perhaps you can “Call Me Maybe” about some of your choices (NO, that is not one of the songs, although it is catchy as shit). In no particular order, here we go!

The beat in this song is hot as hell. The rap is so-so.  And the guy providing the chorus has a smooth ass John Legend like voice.  Overall the beat and chorus provide that “faster, faster” moment.

The song starts off with a light beat, then speeds up once the chorus goes.  I swear to you that if you put this shit on while driving on the highway your ass will end up speeding.  So be careful, and use it wisely.

He can be your hero, baby.  No seriously, the beat in this song is sick, and somehow the song is catchy too.  Try not to dance to this song. I dare you.  And yes, Dev looks weird with this wig? It is a wig right?

That’s me in the back seat wilding the hell out to whatever song is on the radio. I’m actually the driver, but somehow my moves got me moving to the back of the car.

Now at no point do I advocate speeding.  But if you are slow I will pass your ass.  Drive safe, but don’t piss me off.  And if you see someone on the road straight lookin’ dope with his mean ass dance skills while shouting out lyrics, it’s most likely me, being awesome.  You know, the usual.

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One thought on “Dancing While Driving

  1. Gus Santos says:

    I am 100% guaranteed to get a ticket if Stuntin’ Like My Daddy comes thru the speakers.

    Vroom on a Yamaha chromed out 11 hundred What I’m doin’? Gettin’ money What we doin’? Gettin’ money What they doin’? Hatin’ on us

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