So I get it, Instagram is a cool app that let’s you mess around with your pictures and make them look….older?  Right?  Am I the only one seeing this?  When people take pictures and ‘enhance’ them with Instagram, their pictures look more classic.  Or let’s just say what it really does, it makes your photos look like they were developed via a Polaroid camera circa 1973.  Come on, I can’t be alone in these thoughts.  I thought the whole reason we keep upgrading our technology of our phones and cameras is so that we lose out on the crappy image quality that our predecessors (aka our parents) had.  Right?  So why is this app so popular that Facebook spent 1 Billion dollars to buy it?  I honestly don’t get it.  You just spent all that money on your fancy pants camera with the 8 billion megapixels, but you are Instagramming all your pics to look like you took them 30 years ago with an inferior device.  Yeh yeh, you’re gonna say but it’s “cool” or it’s “different.” Indeed it is, but shit, go grab the camera out of your parents’ attic and take the picture the regular way? Ohhh you can’t post that on Facebook, I see.  So we are really going back in time in the digital world to make things look cool and classic. Right? I have no idea.  Nobody showed me the Flux Capacitor.  Maybe I’m a little different, I just don’t get it.  And don’t confuse this with me not liking Instagram, because I like the pictures, I’m just saying, if someone started selling cameras that gave that kind of image quality, no one would be buying it.  How do I know that? Because we had those cameras, and people stopped buying them.  Yep. That happened.  Explain it to me Instagrammers (this should be good).

This picture makes me laugh. Maybe that’s what Instagram is all about. This photo may or may not actually match up with what I said above, I don’t remember.

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3 thoughts on “Instagram…

  1. Jeebah Lv says:

    Amjad it’s intent is to make the pictures retro which is pop-culture. So it is achieving a “modern” touch if you will. If you like at fashion marketing, it caters to such. 80’s is big in fashion so it’s befitting to keep with pop-culture, hence why they did not make it “futuristic”

  2. Fredo says:

    this picture epitomizes how i feel about instagram and the ppl who use it #idonesaidit

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