Facial Hair

I’ll keep this short and sweet…not the beard, that shit needs to be epic.  Why is it that men think facial hair is awesome, and the more you have the manlier you are while women do not like facial hair?  I was contemplating shaving my beard when my homeslice was like “bro, don’t shave your beard.”  If you’re a guy and you don’t have a beard, don’t you dare lie to me and say it’s because you look better without it or because your girl said she doesn’t like it.  The real reason is you can’t grow a beard.  I’m sorry for you bro.  You may be awesome at some things in life, but being a manly man isn’t one of them.  People need to invest some research into spray on beards for those poor saps who can’t have the mane of a mountain lion.  For all the ladies who hate on facial hair, remember, it looks good on us (guys), and it looks horrible on y’all.  So yes, facial hair is bad for females, but it is fantastical for men.  The amount of awesomness for male facial hair is inversly related to the amount of hair on a females body (minus the hair on your head ladies). Don’t hate on our beards, help us comb it (maybe even condition it?).  So fellas, do the right thing, start growing that beard to epic proportions.  It’s standard for hockey playoffs (hockey beards are the best) and for your midterms and finals, I’m just tryna make it standard for ALL times.  Beards for life.

Wiser words have never been spoken (or is it not spoken in this case?).

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One thought on “Facial Hair

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hate unmanaged facial hair on guys, but love the blog and post card at the bottom, too funny!

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