Happy Birfffday Lil Sis

A looooooonnnnnggg (don’t worry, I’m not gonna say how long) time ago today, a little knucklehead was born.  My family tells me that when she arrived I liked her and was happy to have a younger sibling in the house.  However, I do not believe this, I feel it’s just been propaganda to make me feel obligated to actually like my younger sibling.  Only 1 year and 3 months younger than me, she came into this world and stole my thunder.  She stole my childhood.  She stole the love of my parents.  Sadface.  I was only 1 and I realized that I wasn’t loved anymore, this little demon monster had come and taken it all away from me.  As we grew, this one year separation kept haunting me, she was at every school, every party, and every social event (and I’m only talking about elementary school!).  She was like that toy “My Buddy” or “Kid Sister” because “wherever I go she goeeeeessss” (yes you have to stretch out the word goes).  She was that superglue that you couldn’t get off your hand, that gum that sticks to the bottom of your shoe, the ice layer/frost that makes your tongue stick to that frozen pole (Did I mention she sucked her thumb til she was about 13?).  When I would want to play with my toys, she would want to play in the same area.  When I would want to play video games, she’d want to watch TV. She almost single-handedly ruined my childhood! She was just always (emphasis on the word always) there!  Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and even freaking College (Go Wolfpack!)!  She never missed a chance to follow me!  She’d make friends with all my friends (yep, she only had one friend, and my parents made me share mine).  First she stole my shine, now she was stealing my friends.  She was becoming cool by association (association to me of course). She annoyed the hell out of me by just being THERE (aka everywhere).  But then a funny thing happened my senior year in college (yes it took that long, if you know her, you’d understand why ahahah), we became friends.  I couldn’t believe it when it happened (as I’m sure you guys are all blown away by these developments as well).  She still can annoy the hell out of me, but it’s different. We actually started liking hanging out with each other, we’d talk about personal things, we shared this time and information with each other…wait for it…VOLUNTARILY (For the record she will deny that there was any friction on her part, but all the tattling from her growing up says otherwise)!!  She grew up (or I grew up, whatever).  She grew up to be a beautiful young woman, an amazing friend, but as much growing up as she did, she will always be my little sister.  So today, April 19, I’m gonna wish my little sis Rana aka Breezy aka R-bad aka Froggy aka The adopted child a happy birthday.  May God grant you many more years and give you everything you want in life and more.  Love ya kid. I done said it!

Happy Birthday Sis, love ya! Wait a minute, she looks and is dressed like me....I didn't know I had a little brother?? Mom?! Dad?! Is there something you guys didn't tell me? OR this is proof that she was just wanting to be just like me (imitation is the finest form of flattery).

(I know this post was soft as shit, haters gonna hate.)

8 thoughts on “Happy Birfffday Lil Sis

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awww so sweet!! I remember you guys becoming very close at State. 🙂

  2. jdeena says:

    Happy birthday to her! 3o2baal many more inshallah…Allah yikhaleekum la ba3d 🙂

  3. Rbad says:

    for the record, i was in 1st grade (Ms. Morgans class) when i stopped sucking my thumb. and i always thought you loved me (even when you would go tell me to sit somewhere else). what can i say, i guess i wanted to be like my older brother, thank God i grew out of that phase!! haha…love you jadibus

  4. lol this was great. Happy birthday r-bad….thunder stealer. “I knooooooooooooow”


  5. Reem says:

    Ah Jad….I always knew you were a softie. Happy Birthday, Rana!
    -reem 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha this cracked me up. Definitely a sweet message. Happy Birthday Rana 🙂

  7. Ale says:

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