You Can’t Fix Stupid

It’s well documented how stupid I think society (you, that’s right you, the person reading this) actually is.  Well the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic sinking is coming up, and it turns out the word stupid was too nice of a description for the intelligence in this country.  Apparently much of today’s youth (loosely defined by me as people 25 and younger) thought that the Titanic was just a movie.  That’s right, these idiots thought the whole big ship sinking on it’s maiden voyage was just a Hollywood movie, and not ‘real life.’  I can’t really say I’m that surprised anymore based on  the stupid shit I hear on a daily basis (halitosis anyone? inside joke, and you are not on the inside).  I’m packing for my impending move to Zamunda (if you don’t get this reference, just go sit in the corner of a round room for 30 minutes), at least there I can blame  location for the lack of basic historical knowledge.  If you know someone who didn’t know the Titanic was real, time to un-know them. Damn, I really hate stupid people.

There is way more 'stupid' than this, but I have space constraints in my blog (they charge me per 'stupid')....shakin' my damn head

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One thought on “You Can’t Fix Stupid

  1. […] Be forewarned: this post may be a bit, shall we say, rant-y. No worries though. This isn’t likely to become a theme. Fortunately, other guys have the entertaining angry blogger market cornered. (For the record, it turns out “jadolous” is a really nice guy…just don’t admit to him that you thought The Titanic was just a movie.) […]

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