What A Sale!

Guys, my boy (@ERockPerez, follow him on twitter, oh and follow me too @idonesaidit {shameless plug}) posted something hilarious yesterday that I just had to share.  The picture below really needs no description (except for the idiots that still walk the lands of this planet).  It’s a sale for the ages! They are slashing ALL prices!  In what looks to be a K-mart, the greatest ad campaign in the history of marketing was launched.  I’m surprised that they didn’t have to shut that place down from all the rioting for savings! Black Friday ain’t got shit on this sale!  I’m renting a U-haul and heading out, who’s with me?!!

At these savings, I can't afford NOT to buy everything!!


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One thought on “What A Sale!

  1. Sikiboshi says:

    thank you i finally find my paswosrd!! also i would like to aski set up a wordpress blog today, but something happened..that when everytime i click on my webpage, it keeps asking me the paswosrd for ftp account, when i click okay for paswosrd, it pops up “421 I can’t accept more than 2 connections as the same user” but only I am using this..and also half of the images can’t be shown correctly…could you help…tku…

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