Google Doctors

If you’re that person that goes to the doctor’s office just to tell them your diagnosis, then you my friend (we are not friends actually, I loathe you) need to jump off a cliff WITHOUT a parachute or safety net.  Why? Seriously why? Why would you go to a doctor and then tell them they are wrong?  If you already knew, then why the hell are you going to the doctor? OH THAT’S RIGHT, YOU DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU (sorry, I felt I needed to yell that, I mean err, my caps button got stuck?)! Hey assclown, you aren’t a doctor and Web-MD isn’t always right. The doctor went to school for all those years so that he can accurately tell you what’s wrong with you. You on the other hand went to medical school to pick up/drop off your friend/brother/sister/cousin/neighbor/girlfriend/boyfriend (I think you get the point). Using the internet to get a gauge as to what’s wrong with you is fine.  Telling a doctor they are wrong based on their findings is not.  Remember that time you drank breast milk as a 38 year old because you thought it’d make your pimple go away? Yeh, that right there is why you are an idiot.  It’s all the reason you need to shut the hell up let the damn professionals do their jobs.  So next time you have the urge to tell the doctor that he’s wrong in diagnosing you with syphilis, remember that he isn’t the one that slept with that tatted up bouncer at the club 3 weeks ago.  Accept your fate, you’re stupid, and that rash probably won’t go away.

I love me some Google, but damn if the people using it don't annoy the hell out of me. And NO, The University of Phoenix Online Medical School is not a real school.


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