We got hacked!

1.5 million credit card numbers hacked.  Really? That’s definitely the kind of news I wanted to wake up to.  I knew from Friday that there was a breach with Global Payments, but damn this shit is ridiculous.  How the hell do credit card companies get hacked all the time? Shouldn’t they have better security? I swear if I have to re-do all my damn online payment stuff AGAIN (yes my shit got breached last year), I’m gonna go apeshit on some poor customer service lady named Jan.  You’d think that all these big companies would hire smarter hackers than the hackers trying to steal our shit.  Get with it credit card companies, people might shift back over to cash! This could be one big scam by those credit card protection agencies (Lifelock I’m talkin’ to you), but that’s the inner conspiracy theorist in me. Dammit, I don’t even know half of my account info.  Looks like I won’t have power, water, or internet for a few weeks.  Damn you credit cards, you’ve ruined me! On the bright side, I can now say I never spent $347.25 on Blow Pops and Team Edward tshirts…..

Read about it fools

Let me find out Homer Simpson is behind this shit!

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