Whatuuuuuppp Girrrrlll?

Hellooooo ladies!  I have a question for ya. Do pick up lines still work (did they ever actually work)? Guys, are y’all still using them? My personal favorites are “Girl if you were a booger, I’d pick you first” and “Hey, I forgot my number, can I borrow yours?”  Obviously, they did not work.  But they were at least funny to me. I think the only person these lines ever worked for was Will Smith on the ‘Fresh Prince’ (he was so damn cool in that show). If y’all got funny ones, or ones that are guaranteed to work (seriously, if they work hit me up son!), let me hear ’em.  Or else I’ll be stuck using my most unsuccessful line (and by unsuccessful I mean, I get disgusted looks) “Hey girl, do you have syphilis? Would you like to?” Let’s “pick up” where I left off and leave me some lines (get it, pick up, like pick up lines, ahaha, I am hilarious, seriously, laugh, NOW).

Ahahah, and with this picture, I've found my next pick up line for the Deli (aka Subway...ugh I hate Subway)

One thought on “Whatuuuuuppp Girrrrlll?

  1. jdeena says:

    Yea….the only guys who use pick up lines are ones who have nothing going for them. If you have a great personality girls will give you their number. For instance, if we were to meet and you talked to me the same way you write these blogs, I’d give you my number because you’re funny and smart. If you used a pickup line, I’d assume you have no game and drop you like a hot skillet. 🙂

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