50 Years From Now

50 years from now, the year will be 2062. 50 years from now, we have tons to look forward to.  50 years from now, we will have flying cars, robot servants, and sophisticated homes.  50 years from now is when the “Jetsons” takes place.  I’m gonna wake up in the morning and ‘do less.’  I won’t hit snooze (no lie, hit snooze 14 times today), my bed will strait get my morning started.  I’m pretty sure I’ll still be asleep as the bed pushes me out and onto the conveyor belt, that will then take me to the shower.  As I’m still passed out and done showering, I’ll get a nice shave and then be dressed by those crazy futuristic machines.  I’m pretty sure the flying cars had autopilot too (damn imagine all the extra sleep you’d get in the morning). I wouldn’t have to do laundry ever again, I wouldn’t have to do the dishes, I wouldn’t have to cook, I wouldn’t have to clean.  I’d just go to work (asleep), come back home (asleep), then chill the rest of the time.  Holy crap, it’s gonna be awesome.  50 years from now, I might have a TV show with an incredible theme song.  50 years from now, full time employment is 9 hours a week (George you were an inefficient bastard)! 50 years from now, we will go from being a lazy country, to an extremely lazier country.  50 years from now, equality in the workplace and home can truly happen (men AND women won’t have to do shit).  50 years from now, I’ll be old (God willing I’m still alive) and you will be too,  and it won’t be as fun.  Damn you Jetsons.  I need this shit now.  So for all the nerds, that are inventing shit everyday, can we go ahead and make 50 years from now happen in like 5 years? Yep, thanks, that’d be great.

Not gonna lie, but a real life version of Judy or Jane would be kinda cute? Am I right??

(Hey nerds, I’d still settle for a DeLorean, make it happen)

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One thought on “50 Years From Now

  1. Z says:

    LOVE the Jetsons. And you’re right – 50 years from now, if all you said comes true, we’ll definitely be lazy. However, I don’t think 50 years from now things will change all that much. It’s not like we’re going to have a Jetsons world. And I say this because, I don’t think the whole world will be able to keep up. It would be ideal, not impossible, but certainly difficult.

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